Anxiety, at one time or another, is a fact of life.  Many people experience feelings of anxiousness when facing stressful situations or important decisions.  An Anxiety disorder, however, is a serious mental illness and can interrupt a person's ability to lead a normal life. For people with anxiety disorders, irrational worry and fear are overpowering and relentless. There are several different anxiety disorders, including generalized anxiety disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, panic disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, and social phobia. The symptoms for these disorders vary, but all generally include some type of extreme, irrational fear and feelings of dread. Many people with an anxiety disorders also have physical symptoms such as chest pain, shortness of breath, heart palpitations, tension headaches, nausea, or muscle weakness. Anxiety disorders (characterized by at least six months of symptoms) are fairly common, affecting about 18% of the population. A mental health professional can be helpful in dealing with normal feelings of anxiety as well as specific anxiety disorders.

Local Experts in Anxiety

I have worked with people in my support groups who suffer from anxiety. In addition, I have had to learn to anxiety when it comes up for me.

I have decades of experience treating and experimenting with tools to alleviate debilitating feelings of anxiety and worry. I work with you to develop a strengths-based understanding of your worry. Coupled with evidence-based deliberate breathwork can provide lasting effectiveness with physiological reduction of stress in the body and mind.

Anxiety can become very overwhelming at times in our lives. There are generally a number of reasons for this. I have a lot of experience helping my clients cope more effectively with anxiety. I focus on various skills to help reduce the intensity of these symptoms and hope to help my clients restore peace in their lives.

Sometimes anxiety can seem overwhelming, unbearable, and even terrifying. We help people understand what triggers anxiety episodes and help you learn new skills for coping and healing. In addition to individual counseling, my practice offers an anxiety support group. You don't need to be alone in your anxiety recovery any longer.

Introducing the ability to access a calmer space, if only momentarily at first, teaches the brain and the individual that it is possible FOR THEM! Once an individual can begin to notice the content of calm and the content of anxiety, they can begin to find hope and then true success to returning to a calmer, centered state.

Anxiety can be experienced as fatigue, restlessness, racing/ unwanted thoughts, excessive worry, fear, anger, feeling of impending doom and insomnia. Phew! Those experiences can cause self-esteem to plummet, social phobia to rise and make everyday experiences that seem like they should be normal and easy exceptionally difficult. Together we can move towards a different experience.

Anxiety is very common - we all experience it to some degree, but when it keeps you from doing the things that you love and are important to you, a change is needed. It can be a result of over-analyzing or over-thinking situations to the point that it no longer serves you. I will help you “get out of your head” and embrace your inner strength to enjoy the things that are important to you.

Using mindfulness , acceptance and commitment therapy, EMDR to treat anxiety

I believe that the experience of anxiety is one of disconnection; we have lost our connection to the ability to calm and make sense of life in all its glory and difficulty. I work with yoga, mindfulness, meditation, relaxation, and the processing of difficult experiences and emotions to mitigate the effects of anxiety.

Life can be overwhelming , panicky and constricting at times due to our past, present circumstances and fear about the future. I will work with you to learn ways to let yourself return to calm and find productive ways to continue living your life.

I have received advanced training in treating anxiety via hypnotherapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. I often use spiritual models to address anxiety as well.

How do we find a way to sit with anxiety, when it makes us want to crawl out of our skins? But it's likely desperately trying to protect us on a core level. Can we find a way to have compassion for its desperate work? It can become an ally if we can listen!

There are tons of reasons to experience anxiety in the world we live. Anxious feelings and the struggles it creates is a central part of my practice. I work with you to become more grounded and calm in the hectic world we live. I blend narrative therapy, mindfulness practice, and cognitive behavioral therapy techniques, to reduce levels of anxiety.

I treat anxiety on a number of levels. I often find that anxiety and anxious rumination comes from an underlying traumatic wound, or attachment wound (a rupture in family relationships during childhood). I offer immediate techniques to manage the symptoms of anxiety, while also working to shift their causes: fundamental patterns of self-concept, self-talk, self-sabotaging behaviors.

Anxiety has become a common condition for many children in today's fast paced world. Anxiety, like many disorders, occurs in degrees. I have been helpful to parents in the assessment process for anxiety, working with children with anxiety disorder, and making referrals for parents if I believe the child's condition warrants further assessment or possibly medication.

Anxiety is our brain\'s way of trying to \'do something\' to change a hard situation, but it often results in us simply treading water (or barely even staying afloat), and it can be debilitating. Together we will brave the waters and calm that impulse to help you actually be able to find your center and go with the flow.

Healthy anxiety keeps us alert, in tune with our surroundings, and does not interfere with our lives.  Unhealthy anxiety is present even if there is no perceived threat.  It disrupts your life, and creates isolation. I firmly believe that you are unique and deserve a plan that is realistic and will result in the highest level of recovery.

The theoretical orientation I was trained in focused heavily on the causes and treatment of anxiety. In addition to my undergraduate and graduate training, I have had over 9 years experience diagnosing and treating individuals with various types of anxiety diagnoses.

I have training in evidence-based practices for addressing anxiety, including CBT, Mindfulness and Exposure therapies. I utilize interventions targeting the reduction and management of symptoms. I am knowledgeable in the biological stress response and mechanisms for interrupting and changing this response.

Anxiety can be a feeling we experience a little here and there or something that is paralyzing to day to day life. I help people manage those feelings by learning to stop fighting themselves and accept their fears in an empowered way.

Over the past eight years I have been working with people struggling with challenging mood states, especially anxiety. It is a struggle that is close to my heart, and one that can be transformed. I have training and experience with evidence based practices. Together a blend of solution focused work and open ended self exploration can be leveraged to bring about change.

I incorporate a mindfulness-based approach to working with anxiety, working to help others change their relationship to their own anxious thoughts. Mindfulness can help us focus on the present moment rather than on feelings of worry or panic, meaning anxious thoughts become temporary, and are no longer viewed as reflections of reality.

I have worked with clients for 5 years dealing with anxiety related issues. My training in specific skills (relaxation etc...) that will help people learn how to tolerate anxiety.

I have work with people in the midst of psychiatric crises, and my attentive, respectful and patient manner have enable me to help people in highly anxious states.

Life is always happening to us and it can feel overwhelming. We may want to get some control of things, but we can't so the anxiety escalates. I can help you reduce the symptoms, and develop an awareness about the anxiety so that gradually it softens and you can better live life.

Anxiety is almost inevitable, especially is this fast-paced world that we live in. As a therapist who successfully treats anxiety, I work along side you to bring you to a place of calm, by identifying the source, slowing down the thinking and utilizing grounding techniques. CBT approach is great for allowing your to re-gain control often lost by anxiety.

There are lots of things for kids to worry about. I help kids who are anxious or overwhelmed by the expectations that are placed on them academically, athletically and socially to achieve.

I have received extensive training in treating generalized anxiety, social anxiety, phobias, and obsessive compulsive disorder. I have been trained in the use of cognitive behavioral therapy and acceptance and commitment therapy to treat these issues.

From the general to the existential, anxiety is a common part of the human experience we each must learn to tolerate and manage. In addition to helping clients identify and process sources of anxiety, I teach mindfulness and yogic breath work techniques to help reduce the intensity of this experience.

I often work with clients experiencing anxiety. Anxiety often involves focusing on future worries, and I use mindfulness exercises to allow you to stay present with your feelings.

My unique professional experience with nature-based therapy and Cross-Cutural Music and Sound Healing offers helpful alternatives to conventional approaches. Treating anxiety is about cultivating safety in your body and mind. I will show you how to develop a loving, supportive relationship with your self.

Anxiety can show up in a variety of ways: physically (eg. restlessness, fatigue), mentally (eg. racing thoughts, constant worry), and behaviorally (eg. avoiding places or activities, compulsions). Anxiety disorders manifest in characteristic ways that can often be addressed directly utilizing cognitive-behavioral methods of treatment without the need for medication.

Anxiety is a normal human emotion that we all experience. If anxiety is severe it can impact your physical and mental health, and the health of your relationships. We can explore your anxiety, how it relates to your sense of self, and work on coping skills to manage and reduce its affect on your life.

Anxiety becomes problematic when chronic repetitive thoughts, a sense of dread, or physical symptoms of nervousness get in the way of experiencing your life as it unfolds. We can work together to help you recognize anxiety when it gets activated inside you, manage the symptoms to limit distress, and decode the the information anxiety provides about your emotional and psychological life.

Having dealt with anxiety issues at various times in life, I am able to assist others in gaining effective tools to help them navigate their way through the fears and worries that can take hold.

Anxiety can be healthy when it is at a normal level. However, there are times when anxiety becomes overwhelming and affects our quality of life. I help my clients utilize various skills to reduce their anxiety to a healthy level and achieve a greater measure of peace in their lives.

So many of us live with anxiety every single day and often feel as though everyone else is ok. Often overwhelmed with the demands of life, it can be hard to find peace, especially in the constant chatter of our minds. Somatic focus helps us get into our bodies, psychotherapy unravels the knots of the past, meditation brings spaciousness - all substantiated through research and neuroscience.

I specialize in social anxiety and phobia. I use a narrative and mindfulness approach to normalize and limit fears of social engagement.

Do you ever feel that you aren't doing enough, can't move fast enough and see something to worry about everywhere? These are often symptoms of anxiety, which can be treated, but the first step is reaching out. Please do.

Mindfulness meditation practices help us to become more aware of emotional intelligence in the present moment and allow us to be less involved in dwelling on past trauma or future worries, even as we become able to make plans for our lives more clearly.

We all have anxiety, but when it begins to rule your life, you need to get help. Together we will explore the ways that anxiety has increasingly become a problem for you. Using CBT mindfulness techniques and others methods of therapy the hold anxiety has on you will begin to decrease. You don't have to allow anxiety to control you.

The physical and mental sensations that anxiety brings with uncertainty and fearfulness can be overwhelming and unmanageable. I welcome the opportunity to work with you to develop tools for stress management and mindfulness practices while exploring your thoughts, feeling, and behaviors.

Anxiety can overwhelm people emotionally and physically. Response to life situations with less and increasingly less anxiety is an individual learning process. I help people develop strategies to approach and support that process.

Sometimes worries about life events, social situations, or general worry impact how a person lives their day to day life and I will work with you to move towards personal values with self-compassion.

Anxiety builds on patterns of anxiety. Together we will find the negative voice that supports those patterns, blocking the process and infusing a voice that creates confidence and peace. EMDR is often used as a treatment.

Living with anxiety can be painful and exhausting. When we learn to live in harmony with our anxiety and approach it from a place of acceptance rather than fighting with it, we can enjoy a more balanced life and even experience the ways in which anxiety can serve our creative and productive instincts. We will soothe the anxiety by gaining self-awareness and embracing our anxious parts.

My years of experience working with clients who struggle with anxiety has taught me that the best approach is evidence- and research-based practices which can both reduce the experience of anxiety as well as teach clients skills to achieve their objectives despite it.

Snowball rolling down hill, getting bigger and bigger? Want to learn how to manage anxiety before it get's too big? Counseling can help you find ways to feel less overwhelmed.

Through trainings and professional experience, I have a number of techniques to help clients learn relaxation, mindfulness exercises, and gain a greater understanding of what promotes their anxiety.

Having worked extensively in the area of grief and loss, anxiety is often a presenting symptom; working with clients to identify source of anxiety and either illuminate skills they have or help them find identify/learn skills to regulate the anxiety is part of the therapy process.

Anxiety can plague our lives, making it difficult to function. I specialize in connecting with the parts of ourselves that are living in conscious or unconscious fear, bringing care and compassion to these parts.

With a strong background in mindfulness approaches to healing, I am well equipped to support individuals experiencing anxiety through talk therapy as well as somatic modalities to support self-awareness and self-regulation.

Anxiety is a great motivator, but it can also paralyze you and prevent you from living fully. Using mindfulness principles and practice, I will guide you in gaining the tools and confidence to face your fears and anxiety. Over time, you'll spend less energy worrying and more energy embracing whatever life brings you.

I have worked successfully with both children and adults whose anxiety gets in their way on a day to day basis. I utilize a variety of approaches including CBT, meditation, and other practical tools that can be incorporated into daily life. Please see this article I wrote about helping kids tame worry:

In a society that prizes individual strength, it can be hard to open up with others. Your therapist should be someone with whom you feel comfortable doing this hard work, and who genuinely cares about you and wants to help you succeed. My goal is to help you feel accepted and supported when talking about the issues that are closest to your heart.

Neurofeedback can help to balance the autonomic nervous system, leading to a calm and relaxed state of being.

Anxiety is the #1 issue that I treat. Common ways that anxiety manifests is through worry, panic, sleep problems, social anxiety, and other fears. My approach is two-fold: 1) help you to develop anxiety reduction skills; and 2) identify and address the underlying issue at the source of the anxiety, which is commonly some type of trauma (see for more info on trauma & anxiety).

We can help you manage your anxiety in a holistic, whole health approach. You don\'t have to struggle alone anymore.

Our clinic specializes in treating all forms of anxiety disorders. We treat anxiety disorders using Cognitive Behavior Therapy.

Life can be traumatic. Our brains are structured in relationship. My ongoing training in interpersonal neurobiology enables me to understand the way your brain is uniquely wired in the face of a threat. I will help you uncover the precipitants that make you anxious so you will no longer feel helpless in the face of anxiety which can feel crippling and seems to come out of nowhere.

Anxiety is often a chaotic experience, and I approach counseling from several angles in order to support a client's awareness and understanding of their own process. With emotional, physiological and experiential clarity, a client can begin to notice patterns and feel empowered to make choices about their own experience.

Sometimes life can be overwhelming. I help clients learn tools to cope with feelings of panic, anxiety and stress. I believe using food, mindfulness and cognitive techniques can be helpful in conquering anxiety.

Anxiety disorders are marked by excessive worries, fear and even dread. If you suffer with these fears and worries, I will help you to ground yourself so that you can gain a new perspective and distance from the immediacy of your present concerns. We’ll also work together to help you learn how to comfortably self-regulate and self-soothe when you are feeling distressed.

CBT, exposure therapy, EFT training

Anxiety is nearly ubiquitous in navigating the complexities of everyday life. A small degree of anxiety can be motivating while too much anxiety is incapacitating. Anxiety also takes up a great deal of energy. The goal of treatment is to contain the anxiety, and use the energy from it in the service of creating new momentum.

Anxiety disorders are fairly common but can at times be very uncomfortable and sometimes debilitating. I most often treat individuals with Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Panic Disorder and Social Anxiety Disorder. I find that by teaching clients about Cognitive Distortions, behavioral coping strategies, mindfulness techniques, and stress reduction techniques, anxiety symptoms can be managed.

An overly activated nervous system can be a result of trauma, which can manifest in anxiety symptoms. Learning how to better regulate on a somatic level can help clients manage anxious thoughts and feelings.

Anxiety is a very common human experience. I believe that anxiety is often a message from our body that something needs to change, or be approached in a different way. My goal is to create a safe, nonjudgmental space for clients to explore their feelings of anxiety, while learning practical tools to cope with the symptoms.

Anxiety is contagious - really. It\'s the emotion that we are most likely to absorb without realizing it. So most of us have some degree of anxiety. I can help develop skills that are scientific and relatable, so anxiety isn\'t prevelant in your world. I\'m all about natural & skill based options to combat anxiety. I use my own skills and they work!

I have many years of experience treating anxiety and stress successfully inter and intra-personally. I use both mindfulness practices as well as coaching interventions to tackle stress and anxiety in relationships to other people.

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