Expressive Art Therapy

Expressive arts therapy, based on the idea that creative acts can be healing, is a form of psychotherapy that uses art as its primary form of communication. Generally employing multiple types of art in an integrated way (such as imagery, storytelling, drawing, dance, prose, painting, sculpture etc.), expressive arts therapy emphasizes the process of making art rather than the final product. Therapists practicing expressive arts therapy foster a supportive and empathetic relationship with their clients and help them to explore their creativity for its own sake and as a way to nurture personal growth.

Local Experts in Expressive Art Therapy

Sometimes talk therapy can be a bit overwhelming for children and teens. By using something outside of themselves to talk for them, kids and teens are able to express parts of themselves that are often difficult to verbalize. When using objects and images to work though life challenges and changes, it can help them find meaning, clarity, and healing through their own unique process.

The use of expressive arts have been shown to engage the left and right brain, allowing for a longer lasting and more meaningful experience in therapy. Some expressive arts I use include sand tray and art. Through the use of expressive therapies, you will create pathways towards deeper expression, experiences of the senses, emotions and thoughts that lead to a deeper meaning and understanding.

Whether I am using play therapy with a child, sand tray or collaging with an adult, I understand the tremendous value in helping people give voice to their struggles outside of the spoken word. I help people connect with their inner selves and the challenges in their lives by encouraging access to parts of ourselves that cannot be communicated through verbal conversation.

With children, primarily, we will utilize the modality that the particular children feels most comfortable using when exploring and working to resolve issues that impact them. These modalities will likely include art, drama and/or play therapy.

As a Jungian Analyst, I have deep training enabling me to work with the unconscious contents of my clients via their dreams, creative images, active imagination, even neurotic outbursts. Drawing, painting, writing, or expressing these images helps us understand their symbolic meaning and helps you to more deeply understand yourself. I encourage people who wish to work in this way to contact me.

\'To be fully alive, fully human, and completely awake is to be continually thrown out of the nest.\' ~Pema Chödrön\nCreative therapies facilitate therapeutic change and healing. Through the use of creative therapies, it allows a pathway toward deeper expression and experiencing of the senses, emotions and thoughts, leading the way to meaning-making, understanding and feeling better.

My training in Expressive Art Therapy supports your exploration of challenges and dreams with images, clay, sandtray, poetry, or movement. As a SoulCollage® facilitator, I offer groups and workshops at PCC, New Renaissance, and in private sessions. You are welcome to bring in your creative interests, and we will integrate creative expression into your process of self-exploration and change.

Using art enables exploration of some issues from a new perspective and can uncover buried information.

Many times clients are able to expressive themselves more when able to do it in a different way other than words. I like to work with my client to see what works for them and help them to better express themselves.

Certified in persn centered multi modal expressive arts therapy.

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