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Why do I DO that?!

Posted:   August 20, 2014 by Nani Waddoups

Almost everyone has asked themselves the question: “Why do I do things I know are not good for me?”

6 Ways to Convince Your Resistant Partner to go to Couples Counseling

Posted:   August 08, 2014 by Gina Senarighi

If you are concerned about your relationship’s future marriage counseling or couples therapy can be a healthy solution. The challenge arises, however, if your partner or spouse decides that they aren’t interested in seeking counseling.  Maybe they see it as a waste of time or money, or they’re afraid it will make things worse, or just a way to forestall the inevitable.

Work on Your Relationship to Ensure the Emotional Health of Your Children

Posted:   August 01, 2014 by Nadia Delshad Psy.D.

There are many benefits to working on your marriage or committed relationship. Secure attachment offers a safe haven, provides comfort and security and offers a buffer against the effects of stress and uncertainty. Another very important benefit to working on your relationship is to ensure the emotional health of your children. Research shows that children in homes with parents in strong relationships are more successful, have less mental health issues and higher self-esteem, on average, than children in homes with parents in weak relationships.