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Shortcut to Love?

Posted:   January 16, 2015

Want to be in love but hate the tediousness of getting to know someone?  Try asking your date this question: “Of all the people in your family, whose death would you find most disturbing? Why?”  According to one (decades old) study, you’ll be 1/36th of the way there.

The Agony of the New Year’s Resolution

Posted:   January 05, 2015 by Rebecca Hyman

There’s something both alluring and terrifying about a New Year’s Resolution.  The attraction is simple—who hasn’t wanted to abruptly transform themselves?  It’s part of the excitement of drugs.  Who will you be? How noble to eliminate a bad habit others have struggled for decades to overcome.

In Case of a Craving

Posted:   January 05, 2015 by Ursina Teuscher

Guess what the most frequent New Year’s resolution is? Yes, losing weight. We all know that's not an easy undertaking . One thing in particular gets in the way of even the best goals and intentions: cravings. They mess with our plans by telling us exactly what we should eat right now. They grip our thoughts. Suddenly it feels like we don't have a choice anymore. We won't get peace until that chocolate is gone.