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Six Simple Steps to Start a Meditation Practice

Posted:   February 09, 2015 by Gina Senarighi

We hear all the time that meditation is good for us. It relieves stress, manages pain, increases overall health, makes people happy.... but for a lot of us just getting started is the hardest part. All kinds of barriers get in the way, and often when we miss a day, we give up all together. Follow these guidelines for an easy start to meditation. If you miss practice, you can always come back to these to start again.

Three Ways to Live with Less Resentment

Posted:   February 09, 2015 by Jesse Johnson LPC

It’s no mystery to most that holding onto anger for long enough can be as exhausting as it is painful for people in relationships. In couples and families, some people call this holding in a “cold war” style of conflict. Righteousness burns as loud as the fear that keeps us from speaking up and, if it doesn’t end up making us physically ill, resentment like this can be quite toxic to the organism of a relationship. With very few of us taught healthy and effective skills for conflict and emotional regulation in our early years, I believe there is a desperate cultural need for better ideas, skills, and modeling. With that spirit in mind, here are three ways to practice releasing resentment.