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Never Enough Time: Allowing for Unstructured Unfolding

Posted:   July 25, 2015 by Nani Waddoups

Right now, in this moment, I am writing about time.  It is somewhat difficult to stay present as I write.  My mind can easily “future trip” into imagining you, the reader, reading what I am currently writing.  I can also find my focus interrupted by voices: the voice of an editor, the voice of the critic – “Sure has been a while since you’ve done a newsletter!”  Most disruptive to my efforts to stay here, right now, writing about time, is a low-grade anxious hum emanating from deep within me, and the message of that hum is that I really don’t have time to be sitting here writing about time.

DIY Couples Therapy: 5 Ways to Keep Your Momentum Going Outside of the Therapist’s Office

Posted:   July 22, 2015 by Miranda Bayard-Clark, LPC

So you made the decision and commitment to go to couples therapy. You've done the work, improved communication, and you've met all sorts of relationship goals.  Now the daunting question: How can we maintain all of this progress outside the therapist office?