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Marijuana, Medicine, and Meaning in Your Life

Posted:   March 15, 2017 by Patrick Harvey

Marijuana as an industry, a culture, a habit, a lifestyle, a coping mechanism, and all the other things that its legalization has propelled it to become an issue mired in debate.

A Paradigm Shift for Procrastination

Posted:   September 30, 2016 by Gregory Devore, Ph.D

Have you ever waited until the last minute to get something done? Ever wished you had started earlier and it would have been so much easier? Or perhaps you desire change, but can't seem to drum up the motivation?

Summer At Last! Now What?

Posted:   July 31, 2016 by Sam Wilson

Believe it or not, even Oregon summer can be a very difficult time for some people.

Obesity or Binge Eating Disorder?

Posted:   May 01, 2015 by

An estimated 30-40% of individuals seeking weight loss help have BED and about 2.8 million adults suffer from the disorder in the US. One of the most critical points to understand about binge eaters, is that if the BED diagnosis is missed and the individual is advised to diet and exercise to treat obesity, it will worsen the binge eating.

Your Brain

Posted:   April 20, 2015 by Amanda Feaver, MA, LPC

Since our brain drives us, it’s important to understand it. If you're interested in your brain and you haven't read Mindsight by Dr. Daniel Siegel, you should. (Siegel is a clinical professor of psychiatry at the UCLA School of Medicine and Executive Director of the Mindsight Institute.)