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Summer At Last! Now What?

Posted:   July 31, 2016 by Sam Wilson

Believe it or not, even Oregon summer can be a very difficult time for some people.

Obesity or Binge Eating Disorder?

Posted:   May 01, 2015 by

An estimated 30-40% of individuals seeking weight loss help have BED and about 2.8 million adults suffer from the disorder in the US. One of the most critical points to understand about binge eaters, is that if the BED diagnosis is missed and the individual is advised to diet and exercise to treat obesity, it will worsen the binge eating.

In Case of a Craving

Posted:   January 05, 2015 by Ursina Teuscher

Guess what the most frequent New Year’s resolution is? Yes, losing weight. We all know that's not an easy undertaking . One thing in particular gets in the way of even the best goals and intentions: cravings. They mess with our plans by telling us exactly what we should eat right now. They grip our thoughts. Suddenly it feels like we don't have a choice anymore. We won't get peace until that chocolate is gone.

Why DON’T we do the things we know are GOOD for us?

Posted:   October 01, 2014 by Nani Waddoups

Why DON’T we do the things we know are GOOD for us? You know what I’m talking about, right? Things like eating whole foods and less sugar, exercising or saving money.

Why do I DO that?!

Posted:   August 20, 2014 by Nani Waddoups

Almost everyone has asked themselves the question: “Why do I do things I know are not good for me?”