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How Children can Recover from Trauma

Posted:   October 18, 2014 by Restore Therapy + Psychiatry

Today on Mental Help Desk we’ll take a look at the child’s brain after going through a traumatic experience and the potential for recovery from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Shame, Guilt, Humiliation, and Embarrassment

Posted:   July 12, 2014 by Kirk Shepard

Today on Mental Help Desk Kirk talks about the importance of self talk and how to tell the difference between shame, guilt, humiliation, and embarrassment.

How to Start Getting Over a Break-up

Posted:   July 07, 2014 by Jeff Guenther, LPC

Today on mental help desk I am going to give you tips on how to feel better after going through a break up. I’ll focus on how you can start feeling better now, by working to change your thought patterns.

What is Your Romantic Attachment Style?

Posted:   June 23, 2014 by Jeff Guenther, LPC

In this video I will help you determine what attachment style you have and give you tips on how to be in a healthy relationship if one of you is anxious and the other is avoidant.

There is No Perfect Partner

Posted:   May 22, 2014 by Jeff Guenther, LPC

I come across a lot of clients who are having many short term relationships and seem to be stuck in a constant state of casual dating even though they say the want to find a long term partner to settle down with. There are many different reasons that can be causing this to happen in their life but the reason I am going to be focusing on today is letting go of finding the perfect partner.