Editorial Guidelines

These editorial guidelines are intended to help therapists submitting posts to the Portland Therapy Center (PTC Blog) create successful content. The objective of the PTC Blog is to be a mental health resource to the Portland Community. Robust and useful original content will drive traffic to Portland Therapy Center, providing additional exposure and connecting therapists with prospective clients. Submitted postings will be published on the PTC Blog at the sole discretion of Portland Therapy Center. The selection of featured blog articles is also at the sole discretion of Portland Therapy Center. Contact blog@portlandtherapycenter.comwith any questions.

Target Audience: The PTC Blog's audience includes individuals interested in topics of mental health and those searching for the right therapist.

Content: Blog article content should be, at least loosely, connected to the topic of mental health.

Tone: Before you begin writing, think about what you want the reader to take away from your article and keep that in mind as you begin. The most successful blog posts will be clear, concise, direct and decisive. Be an expert on the topic you are writing about. Provide a call to action or a solution to a problem. Make your points in an informative, but not boring, way. The most popular blog posts will be those most useful to readers. Personal stories are a great way to connect with your reader.

Style: Write in short sentences and break up large blocks of text with headings. Bullets are a great way to make your major points.

Length: Articles of any length will be considered for publication. The ideal length for a post on the PTC Blog is anywhere between 400 and 1,000 words. Be concise but use as many words as needed to make your point. If you are dealing with a particularly dense topic, consider breaking up your article into a series of posts on one topic.

Images: Portland Therapy Center subscribes to a several stock image services and will select an appropriate image to accompany blog posts. Do not submit an image with your post unless you are the sole owner. Submitted images become the property of Portland Therapy Center and will be posted at our discretion.

Editorial Process: Each article submitted to the PTC Blog will be reviewed and edited at the sole discretion of Portland Therapy Center. If a submitted article does not meet the editorial standards of Portland Therapy Center, it may be returned to the author with suggestions for reworking.

Turnaround Times: The PTC Blog Editor strives to get submitted blogs posted within a 24 hour window. Quality content can sometimes take additional time to review, edit and prepare so occasionally the review cycle will exceed the 24 hour timeline. There will also be instances when the PTC Blog Editor will contact post authors with suggested edits or requests for additional content. This will also extend the review cycle.

Promotion: Once your blog is posted, promoting it on your social media channels is a great way to drive traffic to your article. Engaging with readers by responding to comments posted on your article is good internet etiquette and will also help to create a local community.

Re-posting Policy: Although you are free to post a URL link to any blog post on Portland Therapy Center, content of the submitted posts themselves become the property of Portland Therapy Center and cannot be re-posted or re-printed without express written permission.