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Portland Therapy Center connects prospective clients with Portland area mental health professionals. We make it simple for visitors to find the right therapist. More than just another therapist directory, Portland Therapy Center offers a unique and intuitive user experience for members and visitors alike.

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What members are saying

Melissa Masini, LPC, LMFT
Melissa Masini, LPC, LMFT she/her



I just wanted to add my perspective as someone who started private practice from ground zero three years ago using the PTC website. Jeff kind of geeks out on Google spiders and other things I don't understand, but the result is that his websites turn up on lots of different web searches at the top of the list. Within a year, I was turning people away because of an overfull practice and I don't advertise anywhere else.

Sarah Howson, LPC, CADC III
Sarah Howson, LPC, CADC III


My practice has benefited greatly from advertising with Portland Therapy Center. I appreciate how easy it was to set up my profile and have definitely noticed an increase in referrals since I started advertising on the site.

Heidi Savell
Heidi Savell she/her



The website has been an essential tool in growing my practice.

Kathy Hardie-Williams M.Ed MS DC LPC LMFT
Kathy Hardie-Williams M.Ed MS DC LPC LMFT



The Portland Therapy Center website has been fabulous for my practice. As a result of my profile on PTC new clients have been added to my practice at a rate that is well worth the $15 a month I pay to list my profile.

Chad Ernest, MS, LPC
Chad Ernest, MS, LPC He/him


Licensed Professional Counselor

I have had nothing but great experiences advertising through Portland Therapy Center. Out of all the advertising that I have done online, PTC, hands down, has provided me with the greatest reach to potential clients.

not accepting clients


Jeff Guenther


Codependency Self-Esteem Relationship / Marriage Issues
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Meet Jeff. He's a GREAT guy!

My name is Jeff Guenther and I am a licensed professional counselor living and working in Portland.

As I’ve worked to build my own successful private practice, I’ve become passionate about the best ways to harness technology and marketing tools to attract clients. I love Portland and I love being a therapist. I’m here to help you with whatever you need to succeed and I am committed to building PTC into a unique and thriving community.