Biofeedback is a therapeutic technique intended to help a client to control and manipulate their bodily functions (like heart rate and blood pressure). Biofeedback is based on the belief that a person can utilize the power of the mind to become more aware of what is happening inside the body and can use that awareness to achieve a greater control over their health. During a biofeedback session, the client is connected to sensors that send information about what is happening in the body. This information helps the client to concentrate on trying to make changes in the body, like slowing breathing or relaxing a muscle. Biofeedback is used for relaxation, to alleviate stress and anxiety and for a number of physical conditions (like migraines, high blood pressure, asthma, and chronic pain).

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Jeanell Innerarity (She/Her)

Professional Counselor


Your body is constantly sending signals to your brain about levels of internal stress and safety. I used HeartMath biofeedback techniques to help you become conscious of the ways your thoughts and emotions influence your physiology, and help you develop skills and strategies to intentionally shift your physiological state, essentially training your body and brain to work together for greater coherence and well-being.

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Angela Gimeno (She/her)

Licensed Professional Counselor

MA, Registered associate

I am a certified LENS Neurofeedback Provider. LENS is The Low Energy Neurofeedback System (LENS) is an EEG-based, direct neurofeedback system that stimulates the brain to reset itself and achieve optimal performance. LENS works with anxiety, depression, concussion symptoms, fatigue, PTSD and more. It does not require conscious effort and attention to stimuli by the client. Sessions last, on average, a few seconds to minutes each. The number of sessions, on average, hovers around 11.

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Jen Markovics (they/them)

Professional Counselor Associate


As a neurocounselor, the primary intervention that I employ is neurofeedback. I am able to do several different forms of neurofeedback, but the main one that I use is infra-low frequency [ILF] neurofeedback based on the Othmer Method to both calm and stabilize the brain, allowing for it to self-regulate better. Considering that the diagnoses in the DSM are not based in biology, this method of neurofeedback follows symptoms to guide the protocol, monitoring their progress to determine efficacy.

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