Internet Addiction

The term Internet addiction, or Problematic Internet Use as it is sometimes referred to, covers a number of different problems, all of which involve compulsive computer use that interferes with daily life. Because so many of us spend much of our time in front of computers for work, it can be tough to identity Internet addiction, but if your computer time is causing trouble with your relationships, work or otherwise creating disturbances, you may have a problem. Internet addiction encompasses online gambling addiction, compulsive web searching, obsessive computer game playing, cybersex addiction and cyber relationship addiction. If you are unable to get your computer use under control on your own, a mental health professional can help you get a handle on it and work with you to make positive changes.

Local experts in Internet Addiction

Sam Wilson

Licensed Clinical Social Worker


Gaming, internet, and media addictions of all kind are becoming a defining feature of the challenges of modern living for people of all ages and levels of functioning. I understand these challenges and I can help you develop a behavioral plan to change the way you use technologies to better suit your long-term goals in life.

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Catherine Cooney (she/her)

Licensed Professional Counselor


As a certified sex addiction therapist, a large part of my training and experience has been related to problem online behavior, including internet, pornography and/or cybersex addiction. Many people who struggle with internet addiction have some combination of online sexual and non-sexual behaviors, including gaming and social media addiction.

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Emaline Friedman (she/her)

Professional Counselor Associate


Internet Addiction encompasses the compulsive use of games, pornography, shopping, and media, and also the difficulties of living in hybrid/virtual environments that over-expose our lives in ways we cannot control. Integrating what you do and who you are online is part of my therapeutic technique.

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Tiran Sahar (they/them)

Professional Counselor Associate

Professional Counselor Associate

I know how to help clients in understand behavioral addictions and create change in their patterns. I spent 3 years working with behavioral addictions and co-occuring mental health concerns. I qualify for a Certified Gambling Addictions II credential, which currently the highest standard in Oregon for behavioral addiction training.

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Jane Ward, PhD (she/her)

Clinical Psychologist

I have advanced training and experience treatment sexual addiction. My work includes helping people whose marriage, career, or professional license may be in jeopardy because of their untreated addiction.

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