Therapeutic intervention is an organized attempt to help an individual confront a serious problem, usually by encouraging them to seek professional help. Usually carefully orchestrated by family and friends, an intervention often involves a meeting where the individual is confronted with the consequences of their negative actions and asked to get treatment. An intervention can be helpful in motivating someone to seek help for a traumatic event or crisis and for a variety of conditions, including depression, addictions of any kind, alcoholism, substance abuse, and eating disorders.

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Richard Halpern (he/him)

Professional Counselor

M.A., Trauma Informed Coach

My focus is offering practical interventions as a strategy to reduce the likelihood of conflict. Example: If a child is prone to (what feels like) too many temper tantrums, what can we do to help both the child and parent see a pattern in the behavior, and practice self regulation techniques? Solution = stop the tantrum before it ever begins.

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Angie Arledge (she/her/hers)

Clinical Social Work Associate


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