Wilderness Therapy

Wilderness therapy, as the name suggests, is a type of experiential, adventure-based therapy that encourages clients to address issues through wilderness expeditions. Wilderness therapy can take many forms but generally seeks to build participants self-sufficiency and self-esteem through challenging outdoor activities. Wilderness therapy often occurs in a group setting, which can help to address social and behavior issues. Examples include challenge courses and survival skills camps (like Outward Bound).

Local Experts in Wilderness Therapy

While spending several years guiding people on therapeutic journeys into the desert wilderness, I was often amazed by the reparative qualities of two things: the natural world and authentic interpersonal connection. Much of my approach in therapy is to reconnect the mind, body, and environment in order to build more meaningful ways of interacting with ourselves and the people close to us.

I have worked as a wilderness therapist since 2018. Doing therapy in the outdoors, when possible, is the best environment in which to foster growth and healing. Seeing ones self in and apart of nature brings us a deep sense of gratitude

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