Britt Tilton

Britt Tilton (SHE/HER)

Clinical Social Work Associate


Supervisor: Catherine Bice, LCSW, LICSW (Oregon L3689 and Washington LW00008164)

Your mind and body know how to heal and want to heal, but when they're wounded, they sometimes need support. I'm here to offer that support.

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825 NE 20th Ave

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Portland, 97232

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My Ideal Client

I work with individuals who have experienced trauma, grief and loss, anxiety, depression, intimate partner violence, and attachment wounds.

My Background

I am a clinical social work associate and I started in the field of addictions, where I quickly realized addiction was just one symptom that developed out of much deeper areas of concern such as trauma, grief, relational wounds, and larger societal challenges. I have experience working in addiction treatment centers, community mental health, providing crisis line support to youth, adults and seniors, and providing support for youth at a center for grieving families. I have worked with people who have experienced childhood trauma, single trauma events, intimate partner violence, attachment wounds, grief and loss. I’ve also worked with refugees, immigrants, individuals in the LGBTQ+ community, people working in the sex industry, people involved in the justice system and child welfare system, as well as individuals diagnosed with depression, anxiety, PTSD, and with people who struggle with substance use.

My Approach to Helping

I recognize that the human experience is complex and impacted by multiple factors, including our environment, relationships, spirituality, culture, and biology. My view is that being heard, seen, and understood are some of our deepest human needs, and that when we experience those, we have the ability to flourish. I believe that you are already whole, wise, resilient and have a capacity for transformational change, when given opportunities and resources. Rather than focusing on “what’s wrong?” I explore “what’s happened to you?” and “what’s right with you?” I strive to recognize your authentic potential and support you as you design a life aligned with your values and priorities. I consider it my responsibility to establish a supportive relationship, witness your story and facilitate the self-healing process you have within you. My approach is trauma-informed, strengths-based, attachment-focused, collaborative, and transparent.

Techniques I Use