Carol Walnum, Certified Jungian Analyst, MA

Carol Walnum, Certified Jungian Analyst, MA (she/her)

Licensed Professional Counselor

LPC, Certified Jungian Analyst

Jungian Analysis or Jungian Therapy for adults and young adults for personal growth, issues, desired goals, and sense of self.

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NE Sandy near 43rd-44th

From I-84 E or W, Exit 2 Cesar Chavez/39th

Portland, OR 97213

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Rate: $150

Provides telehealth services

Practicing Since: 2005

Languages: English


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My Ideal Client

My clients have typically seen other therapists before, thus they know how the therapy process can emerge. They know that coming to session weekly is important. In Jungian analysis or therapy, they work to remember dreams, via writing, drawing, or painting them, and these dreams and images are brought to sessions. There, we work to integrate this symbolic material from the unconscious with current issues, feeling states, problems. We work carefully, often slowly, and safely.

How I Can Help You

A Jungian analytical approach is a long-established one. It assists people to find relief from and better understand their deeper selves and work on such issues as depression, anxiety, loss, and change. In all of our distress, we are trying to heal. One goal is to get under the symptoms that are occurring in a thoughtful, caring manner. In this way you can better understand and cope with and learn ways to live more fully and meaningfully. I listen carefully to you, as I was trained to do. Together, we work with all manner of issues in a non-judgemental environment. Together, we look at your symptoms. We talk and we explore them. With this approach, the people I see recover lost parts of their personality and most often find relief and how to deal with these an ongoing fashion.

My Personal Beliefs and Interests

My background, family, marriage, and work experiences complement my deep training and ability to help individuals. I worked in Portland mental health agencies for over five years, supporting people with severe to moderate mental health issues. Since 2005, I have worked with people experiencing depression, anxiety, self-esteem issues, the extended effects of childhood traumas, and other problems not easily defined. I was drawn to Jungian psychology --- helping people find their unique path in life --- and that led to five years of post-graduate training. As a Certified Jungian Analyst trained at the C.G. Jung Institute, Zurich, Switzerland and an M.A. in Counseling Psychology, Pacifica Graduate Institute, my training and experience help individuals to resolve adversity and psychological difficulties. To support maturation of the personality, I use skills in trauma recovery, depression and anxiety therapy, life changes, and the burden that the Covid Era places upon people.

Techniques I Use


  • Psychoanalytic  External link

    Carl G. Jung founded a way of exploring issues and how one lives one's life. It is reliable and it rests on client and therapist interaction as well as on exploration of difficulties troubling you. My Jungian analysis and therapy uses talk and art therapy. Jungian work honors what emerges from you. It recognizes that we all have an unconscious and that we all can experience inner chaos. My training allows you discover your strengths from within the confusion, chaos, and turmoil of life.

  • Family Systems External link

    No human is an island wrote poet John Donne. Family systems use that concept, knowing we are all affected by the patterns and cultures of our family of origin. Often my clients discover family ways of being that no longer serve them and their current life. We work to explore this discovery and how to change without guilt and shame. We work to handle current, difficult family of origin issues.

Issues I Treat


  • Men's Issues External link

    In the American society, men or those who identify as male, experience far different rites of passage and expectations than those of women. Changing expectations in society bring pressure and stressors. Early abuse or difficulties may travel into adulthood making work, relationship, and balance in life even more challenging. Finding what the masculine means to you, finding a stronger identity, believing in yourself are essential.

  • Women's Issues External link

    My long-time work with women spans the challenges of young adult years (over 28 years) to later life. It includes work with depression, identity, dissociation, traumas, or sense of self problems. Finding purpose and meaning are central subjects and often relate to phase of life. I see gender fluid individuals. I have background to help changes in professional goals.

  • PTSD External link

    My work focuses upon adults and young adults who find that childhood or youth sexual, emotional, or physical abuse still causes pain and interferes with current life, for example, in depression, self doubt, flashback, dissociation or nightmare or relationships. Other adults have trauma from war, work, marriage, life. Work of this nature requires longer-term therapy. I also see individuals who have had narcissistic or self-absobed parents or have or had a partner with these traits.

  • Anxiety External link

    Often early life adaptation has led us to feel anxious, worried, or panicked and blocked in current life. Or, current circumstances are changing. I use varied theoretical approaches depending upon what you and I feel would be useful and helpful to you. Often anxiety is linked to depression. I help with the many layers of anxiety including anxiety from national politics, COVID, and isolation anxiety that often complicates personal anxiety.

  • Depression External link

    I work with individuals experiencing mono-pole (not bipolar) depressions. Regardless of the genesis of one's depression, it impacts the body. Together, we work sensitively and carefully to understand your depression's feelings, patterns, and responses. In addition to talk therapy, I ask that you work with me utilizing expressive art, such as recalling your dreams or a simple drawing in session, and related.

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