Christy Reichert

Christy Reichert (she/her/hers)

Licensed Clinical Social Worker


Feminist, disability-justice oriented therapist helping professional women who live with chronic illness and/or chronic pain in WA and OR.

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Practicing Since: 2016

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My Ideal Client

Maybe you’ve had health problems for as long as you can remember, or maybe this is all new to you. Perhaps you’ve been through years of doctor visits, of diagnosis and treatment, but the answer(s) never felt quite right and didn’t help—or the treatment actually made things worse. You may have been misdiagnosed, dismissed, gaslighted, and/or harmed by the medical system. The people who were supposed to help you didn’t take your pain and any other symptoms of your chronic illness seriously.

My Approach to Helping

As a feminist therapist who is fat-positive and disability-justice oriented, I work from a liberation perspective. I believe all bodies are good bodies, and that includes your body. It's likely that you’ve experienced some combination of being ignored, misdiagnosed, and gaslighted about your chronic illness, often for years, so our work together will take time. It’s possible that you’ll feel even worse, as we call out all of the bullshit you’ve been subjected to, before you begin to feel better. If you’re looking for a quick fix or someone to help you “stop being so negative and just think more positive,” I am definitely not the therapist for you. But if you’re ready to take a look at how systemic oppression is harming you—and what you can do about it—I’d love to meet you. If we work together, I won’t promise that I can cure your pain (in fact, I promise you that I can’t). But I will be there beside you—encouraging you and reminding you that you are always enough, no matter what.

My Values as a Therapist

I am committed to social justice, and my values are part of my work, particularly supporting LGBTQ and disability rights. As a feminist therapist, I don’t subscribe to the “medical model.” I believe that what many people call “mental illnesses” or “disorders” are natural, and often brilliant, protective responses to oppression and other forms of trauma. While I have the training and credentials to give clients diagnoses from the DSM, I only do so under specific circumstances, such as when a client needs it to apply for disability benefits or to seek reimbursement from their insurance plan. In these instances, we’ll collaborate on a decision that’s in your best interests.

Techniques I Use


  • Feminist External link

    Being part of a marginalized group means being on the receiving end of microaggressions (like unsolicited health advice) and other pieces of systemic oppression. As a woman with a chronic illness, you are part of at least two marginalized groups: You are subjected not only to sexism and misogyny, but also to ableism and healthism. If you’re not white, straight, and/or cisgender, the systemic oppression only increases. But what a difference it makes when someone believes you!

Issues I Treat


  • Chronic Pain or Illness External link

    Chronic pain sucks. Chronic pain plus toxic positivity, gaslighting, misdiagnoses, unsolicited advice, and discrimination sucks even more. I help professional women who have chronic pain and/or chronic illnesses learn to be kind to themselves, to trust themselves, and to find ways to get the support that they need without ever being forced to prove that their pain is real or that they’re trying hard enough.

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