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dare sohei (they/them)

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Hi, I’m Dare (they/them), blessings to you and your people. I’m a nonbinary mixed-race somatic educator, Ancestral Trauma practitioner and ritual animist who specializes in helping folx heal relationships with their bodies, the earth, their ancestors, and the more-than-human world.

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The work I do is trauma-informed, nervous system based resiliency training via mending and re-enlivening relationships. I work with animist core values and practices to help you repair, on a nervous system level, your relations with 1) your Body 2) your Ancestors 3) the Land, our Earth mother and all her children 4) Spirits and the more-than-human, more-than-physical world. I use a consensual, safe and secure method of trance that allows access their ancestral lineages in the present moment. To that protocol I add my decades of experience with neuroscience based mindfulness training, somatics and expressive/ritual arts, all within a polyvagal and attachment theory lens that recognizes systemic environmental pressures including inherited inter-generational patterns of behavior, racism/anti-blackness, sexism/queer-antagonism, capitalism/inequity, colonialism and fundamentalism.

I help clients become more positively resourced, intelligently boundaried, and relationally supported (body, ancestors, land, spirit) through trauma-informed somatic journeywork and resiliency practices, which then allows one to more explore the edges, the troubles, in ways maintain our sense of center and support. My tagline is "Radical self-care at the threshold between personal, cultural and earth healing" because a person's nervous system both affects and is affected by the cultural nervous system and the Earth's nervous system. Healing our bodies is how we can begin to heal larger systems.

Techniques I Use


  • Somatic Therapy (Body Centered) External link

    My background starts and ends with the body. I began my training years ago with massage therapy, continued into a wide range of somatic approaches such as alexander technique and feldenkrais, and advanced into personal training and movement rehabilitation with a focus on our nervous system.

  • Mindfulness-based External link

    Our influence is based on where and how we focus our attention. Through a variety of sensing practices, combined with core principles and values, you will hone your personal practice of mindfulness in order to cultivate results specific to your needs.

  • Hypnotherapy External link

    I use an inquiry based language model to help direct your attention to what is naturally emerging from your body, mind and spirit. We work with your whole self from a positive, solution based and consent centric approach where YOU are the empowered agent in your transformation.

Issues I Treat


  • Cultural and Systemic Oppression External link

    Grow your capacity and become more resilient in our ongoing work for the liberation of all beings and the transformation of oppressive systems.

  • Historical Trauma External link

    Also known as Ancestral, Racialized, Epigenetic or Inherited Trauma Using a hybrid of ancient and modern practices, this pervasive and often ignored set of traumas can be healed.

  • Spirituality External link

    I have been in contact with the spirit world since I was born. Without any support I had to train in many approaches in order to mature this relationship and integrate it into our current society (with its many violences). I help people to have clear and direct communication with the spirits in ways that are centered in consent, rooted in resiliency, and appropriate to neurophysiology.

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