Deb Kiehlmeier

Deb Kiehlmeier



I am a board-certified psychiatrist offering telepsychiatric services to patients throughout Oregon.

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Rate: $225-$450

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My Ideal Client

I have experience diagnosing and treating all mental health disorders, but primarily focus on assisting individuals with anxiety, depression, mood disorders, and ADHD. Ideally, I work with patients who want to find their minimum effective medication dosage, as well as address any other factors that may be impacting their mental health (e.g. lifestyle factors, environmental exposures).

My Approach to Helping

I entered medical school due to a love of science and a deep care for my fellow humans. It became clear to me early on that psychiatry was the most enthralling field in medicine, and the one that I would pursue. Through both my training and personal experiences, I have learned that the western approach to mental health is often too focused on symptom management as opposed to understanding and treating root causes. That being said, I make it a priority to always meet patients where they are, and explore all reasonable options with them. I am always open to learning with my patients and I enjoy investigating any avenues or approaches that could be beneficial.

My Personal Beliefs and Interests

I believe that we all can be challenged with mental health issues, whether chronic or temporary, and that most of us may benefit from therapy and/or consideration of medication at some point in our lives. Not only do we all face significant stressors and challenges, but our culture and technology interactions ensure that we are keenly aware of them 24/7. The past few years have been tough for many of us, but I view our individual and collective realizations as opportunities for us all to right the ship, and I believe that each of us deserves to find happiness and peace in our lives and rewarding relationships with our loved ones. On a personal note, I am extremely passionate about the fight for justice in our society, environmentalism, animal rights, and continuously learning and expanding my knowledge in regards to a 360-degree approach to our health and nutrition.

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