Eli Simon

Eli Simon (He/Him)

Somatic Practitioner


I help people see themselves more clearly, reconnect to their inner wisdom, and take full responsibility for their life.

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Portland, 97214

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Rate: $70-$120

Provides free initial consultation

Practicing Since: 2020

Languages: English


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My Ideal Client

Do you feel like your life isn't moving in the direction you want and nothing you do is working to change it? Do you keep returning to a similar, discouraging, or painful place in your relationships or work, asking yourself, "How did I end up here, AGAIN?!" I work with clients to dismantle old patterns and empower them to create new, more fulfilling ones.

My Approach to Helping

I work in the field of Holistic Counseling utilizing a somatic-practice called Core Energetics. Both of these approaches respect every person as a whole being, with an interconnected system of thoughts, emotions, sensations, and convictions. I endeavor to help my clients not only increase their awareness of these parts and how they are connected, but to identify where they are out of balance and offer opportunities to generate greater harmony in their life. We save a lot of time and energy and are more effective, when we honor ourselves wholly with respect to healing, personal growth, and change.

Why I am a Good Fit for You

In the beginning, we do not have much control of what happens to us. We are small, fragile, and dependent. Our caregivers and society tried their best yet still did things that were harmful and unfair. On some level, we are still waiting for those caregivers to return and do better! In fact we are so determined, we project our past parental dynamics onto our partners, friends, and family and in turn cause unnecessary harm. Once we see this, we can begin to do the impossible: BE the parent we always needed! It was no small feat for me to accept and forgive a world that kept me in the closet for 23 years. Through my own healing, I was able to stop blaming the world for who it forced me to be and take responsibility for the person I am today. By making peace with our past and grounding in the present, we can begin to effect our future in new ways.

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