Elizabeth Price

Elizabeth Price (she/her)

Professional Counselor

M.A. Clinical psychology

Let's drop shame and judgment and focus on what works! Brene Brown's research on shame shows us that we create personal resiliency when we share our vulnerable stories with someone who listens and is with us in compassion, understanding and non-judgment. I invite you into that experience.

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Practicing Since: 1998

Languages: English


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I am a Humanistic, Narrative and Sex Positive counselor and life coach. I coach people to help them get their emotional, psychological and social needs met; like connection, belonging, contribution, reciprocity, sex, touch, novelty, fun and self-expression. Sacred Storytelling creates shame resilience. Shame is considered a master shadow emotion that drives self-sabotage. When we can share our stories of vulnerability, we starve the secrecy, silence and judgment that feeds our shame. When we tell our stories in light of our chosen values, we create purposeful, meaningful, wholehearted lives. I am dedicated to flexibility and making working together easy for you to access. I am open to considering old school house calls. I am also open to requests for scholarship rates. Please ask me about this!

I have a master's degree in clinical psychology from Sam Houston State University. I have worked full time as a professional counselor since 1998 and it is meaningful to me to work with diverse groups of people. My continuing education focuses on neuroscience/interpersonal neurobiology, neurodiversity, sexual health, gender, shame resilience, relationship counseling (with special focus on queer, kinky and poly dynamics), and people who use entheogens as tools for their psychospiritual growth. I specialize in working with those who seek a gender affirming, body positive and sex positive counselor. I welcome those who seek a counselor who specifically understands and values the full kaleidoscope of human sexuality, gender and personal self-expression.

Techniques I Use


  • Narrative  External link

    Everybody has their story! But do you know that HOW you tell your story influences how your story GOES? Well, narrative counselors understand this are able to listen to and help us shape our stories. Come explore your own stories from a place where you can experience your own personal power to create a life you love living!

  • Humanistic  External link

    Humanists are rooted in being compassionate, non-judgmental and unconditionally caring. They are rooted in being this way as people and especially so inside the sacred role of counselor/coach. Humanists can be seen as secular ministers. But unlike the shame that many find inside religion, Humanists stand for you trusting in yourself and your heart's highest calling for truth, love and freedom.

  • Coaching External link

    Life coaching shifts the stories we tell about ourselves and each other away from pathology, aka the something here is bad/wrong story line. I am a counselor with 17 years experience but have found that we are all most powerful when we tell our stories from 'what matters and what works' instead. I invite you to experience this radically yet subtly different frame of reference with me.

Issues I Treat


  • Polyamorous and Open Relationships External link

    Would you like to feel confident and secure navigating a consciously non-monogamous relationship? Come generate the courage, and the compassion (for yourself and everyone else) to create and care for all the connections you can hold.

  • LGBTQ Issues External link

    Young people aged 21 to 25 who experience 'sexual marginalization' are 8 times more likely to complete suicide than those who don't feel marginalized. Have you internalized some of the hate/judgment/shunning amok in our culture for being your fabulous Queer self? Don't let sexual shame hurt you. Come wipe it off and re-embrace your sex positive values in sacred conversation dedicated to you.

  • Gender Identity External link

    Living outside the gender binary? Wanting a counselor who is informed and embracing of your courageous authenticity? Need to talk with someone who can help you uncover what is right for you and temper the voices that will judge? I offer my care and coaching, so that you may share your stories of your bravery on the frontiers of freedom for all!

  • Sexual Problems External link

    Are you sexually frustrated, numbed out, ashamed, guilty, dis-interested, in denial, vulnerable, lost, or naive? Come find what has been holding you back. Learn how to get your needs met with integrity, courage, and the skills to care for yourself and your partners along the way.

  • Aspergers External link

    Being neuro-diverse can be a lonely experience. People with ASD can feel mis-understood and disconnected because the world is experienced differently. Have you considered how your brain's organizational features may also bring great strengths to the world? Strengths like character loyalty, incredible ability to hyper-focus and a no-pretense way of relating? Come explore a new view of you.

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