Erin Ruehmann, CCEP

Erin Ruehmann, CCEP (she/her)

Somatic Practitioner

Supervisor: Kathleen Goldberg, LCSW & Ken Goldberg, MD

I support people seeking more self awareness, embodiment, and freedom from destructive patterns.

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Rate: $50-$100

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Practicing Since: 2021


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My Ideal Client

I enjoy working with people on a path of self discovery and healing. Not only do they want to feel more connected to themselves and others, but also to something greater through their personal experience of spirituality. They may also recognize recurring patterns that they want to explore further. Additionally, I support people who desire grounding and integration following spiritual awakening or psychedelic experiences.

My Approach to Helping

As a somatic practitioner, I help clients explore aspects of Self while addressing the whole person, including body, heart, mind and spirit. My intention is to support the discovery, movement and release stuck energy patterns held within the body, while guiding people toward their inner wisdom and higher self. My background includes an eclectic and well-rounded skill set in the healing arts and completion of the 4-year practitioner program at NW Pathwork and Core Energetics. Please see my website at for more details. Benefits of Core Energetics sessions include: - Greater embodiment and energy flow - Less involvement in destructive behavior patterns - Increased self-awareness, self-worth, compassion and emotional capacity - Increased sense of connection, creativity and meaning in your life - Self care tools for better stress management

My Personal Beliefs and Interests

I believe humans have a great capacity to heal and grow. As we explore and integrate parts of ourselves that we were previously unaware of, we get to enjoy more truth, acceptance, compassion and love. This naturally leaves us feeling more open, embodied, resilient and confident to live our lives with more authenticity and purpose.

Techniques I Use


  • Somatic Therapy (Body Centered) External link

    Somatic therapy encourages body movements and expressions as a way to tap into the places where early traumatic events with largely unfelt emotions have become trapped. Through this process, false beliefs, defense strategies and previously unconscious material is realized and the energy system starts to flow more freely into a more open, integrated and grounded sense of self.

Issues I Treat


  • Self-Esteem External link

    In a world where we are shown by the media all the ways we are supposed to look, feel and act perfect, how do we maintain an authentic sense of self worth? True self-esteem comes from within, through our connection to our higher self and a sense of safety within our body, thoughts, feelings and relationships.

  • Spirituality External link

    Spirituality has always been a vital part of existence. Yet in the age of science, information and technology, it seems we have lost touch with our spiritual needs. By consciously exploring our relationship to spirit, we see that we are connected to a greater whole beyond our separate lives. This understanding highlights our interconnectedness and the rightness of nature with all its glorious diversity, including our unique individual selves.

  • Personal Growth External link

    Just like all of nature, we are here to grow into our full potential. As we develop our inner witness and become aware of our different parts, our consciousness expands. This growth process is truly liberating as we develop the ability to choose different ways of being.

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