Icahn Saelao, M.S., QMHP

Icahn Saelao, M.S., QMHP

Licensed Professional Counselor Intern

It is a social flux period where many people are not satisfied socially and biologically. Have you felt dissatisfied with your attempts to have fulfilling relationships? How can you find meaningful connection in a technological era that harbors disconnection?

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My approach to counseling involves empathy, loyalty, and insight. I believe in feeling things deeply and responding to them through inner knowing and curiosity. Part of what we will do together is talk about your hopes and expectations for counseling. Steadily, we will work together to foster open and honest communication of your expectations, intentions, and emotions so that we can explore how you would like to make life better. I recognize that there are systemic barriers that oppress and discriminate against marginalized groups and individuals. If you have felt demoralized or discouraged by societal pressures or privilege, we will explore and process thoughts and feelings that emerge.

It can be hard to put yourself out there in the face of ongoing disconnection and disappointment. Opening up and being vulnerable is a challenge for many people, especially during major life changes. I work mostly with individuals struggling to make meaningful connections with others, from romantic to familial or platonic. Many of my past clients have worked through relationship problems, self-esteem/identity issues, and transitional issues. I use evidence-based practices in order to evoke thoughts and feelings previously disavowed or rejected. Often this process can be restorative and vitalizing. I hold a Master's of Science in Counseling with a Marriage and Family Therapy Option from California State University of Fresno.

Techniques I Use


  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) External link

    In the face of disappointment and confusion, actions can become misaligned from core values. Learning what those values are in yourself and others is one step to integrating them in such a way that you embody the things you value. What often ends up happening in that state of confidence and self-identify is characteristic of a natural flow state.

  • Relational  External link

    If we are going to talk about the parts of life that stress you out I think it is important to create a space for authentic conversation and connection. A strong relationship allows for safety and empathy that can be used in therapy to understand what creates connection and disconnection in your life experiences. I believe we are hard-wired to connect, and that connection is invigorating.

  • Experiential External link

    Insight is not exclusively gained through intellectual questioning alone; insight can be felt, it can be experienced. Only by staying in the 'here and now' and bringing attention to your experiences in the moment can that opportunity for insight become a reality that you take with you after a session.

Issues I Treat


  • Personal Growth External link

    Within every one of us is a story of anguish, perseverance, and confidence that arises from heart-wrenching dilemmas. It's important that we face challenges that lead to growth and reflect on the changes that will lead to a more fulfilling life. Viktor Frankl said it best, “When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.”

  • Self-Esteem External link

    Your true self should not be obfuscated by the societal pressures that come from people of privilege and power. Becoming aware and prioritizing your values is essential to getting your needs met. Whether it's sexuality, intelligence, creativity, or confidence, we must find ways where you exude and embody those values. In that way, you are closer to connecting to people that invigorate you.

  • Relationship / Marriage Issues External link

    The difference between a quality interaction and a disconnected experience can result in either a sense of passion and enthusiasm or feelings of defeat and frustration. In uncertain times, when we seem to stand alienated from the meaning of life itself, remains a shining beacon that illuminates the path to growth-fostering relationships.

  • Anxiety External link

    In Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and Mindfulness, observing your thoughts and feelings is a basic tenant that allows you to shift your perspective to a secure and grounded state so that positive and effective action may take place in the presence of disruptive events. Anxiety has a way of disrupting our experience of a natural flow state. Anxiety begets anxiety.

  • Depression External link

    We know mood is directly related to patterns of thought and negative, dysfunctional thinking affects one's sense of self, behavior, and physical state. Overcoming depression through healthy thoughts and actions is at the heart of Cognitive Behavior Therapy. When we integrate our beliefs and turn those into action, do we begin to find relief. There is no shame, no guilt, no loss - only change.

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