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Jen Shelton (she/her)

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My Ideal Client

I most often support adolescents and adults who are struggling with a high level of posttraumatic stress, dissociation, plurality, adjusting to transitions in life, anxiety, and/or depression. If you are someone who continues to have a hard time with painful past events interrupting your life and holding you back, I believe we could be a good fit as partners moving toward your increased wellness together. Options: Individual or group therapy or assessment-only for diagnostic clarity.

My Background and Approach

While working at the bachelors level in residential settings for adults and teens with developmental disabilities, I completed my masters degree in counseling in 2014 with internships at a school and forensic facility for adolescents. My professional roles since then have included clinical oversight in treatment facilities, community-based therapy, crisis response, private practice, and virtual services. I have pursued numerous additional training and certification opportunities primarily related to trauma work, and developed a niche for working with posttraumatic stress and dissociation. Over the last few years, I continued my education by completing a second masters degree, and am currently working on my PhD in clinical psychology. I have been told that my style of interaction in therapy is calm, warm, humorous, friendly, and direct. I work best with folks who have some level of motivation to give as much as they get from therapy and are pursuing wellness.

My Personal Beliefs and Interests

My view of therapy comes from many factors, experiences, and training that have shaped me in ways I could never measure. I would have to give credit to a lot of people, musicians, and authors to describe how I came to the present place in my journey! I deeply value relationships, social justice, animal rights, spirituality, personal growth, self-reflection, empowerment, healthy boundaries, learning, and mutuality. Speaking of mutuality, it is important that you to know I am just as human as you are. Our relationship is considered professional and my support to you comes from years of formal training, but I do not claim to have all the answers. I am also not someone whose life is considerably more "put together" than yours just because I am a therapist. My goal is for our relationship to be a space that we co-create that feels safe and welcoming. I will regularly ask for your feedback about how things are going between us. I am sex-positive and Health at Every Size informed.

Issues I Treat


  • Dissociative Disorder (DD) External link

    "Dissociative disorders" is a broad category of experiences related to common long-term effects of trauma on a person's daily life. This can include the varied degrees of dissociation (i.e., zoning or spacing out, losing time, memory problems) we all experience on a regular basis to a level of dissociation that can be described as dissociative identity, amnesia, fugue, parts/alters, depersonalization, and derealization. I can provide ongoing therapy or assessment-only for dissociative disorders.

  • PTSD External link

    "Trauma" is a general term that includes any past painful, distressing, or terrifying event that continues to have a negative impact on your life. Anyone can experience different levels of emotional stress and interruptions in everyday tasks as a result of past painful events. This typically involves nightmares, flashbacks, being easily startled, negative beliefs about self or the world, difficulty feeling positive emotions, dissociation, and avoiding reminders of the painful events.

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