Jessica Weimer

Jessica Weimer

Licensed Professional Counselor

You are resilient, powerful, and already whole. Let's connect with your true self.

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Rate: $60-$110

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Practicing Since: 2010

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My Approach to Helping

First, let’s talk about how you want your life to look. What is getting in the way? Are there parts of you stuck in patterns that aren’t serving you anymore? You CAN move out of the anxiety loop in your head and reconnect with life. We can work together to build up your inner resources and move you out of past trauma. Or, maybe you have tried talk therapy before and feel like you know yourself pretty well, but your body and brain are still stuck in the anxiety loop. One of the tools I use in therapy is called Neurofeedback. It is a computer based treatment that is like showing your brain a mirror of what it is doing so that it can get "unstuck". This more intensive intervention can regulate your entire nervous system, enabling you to move forward into a deeper healing than you may have ever thought you could. Neurofeedback is a powerful path to better emotional regulation and mental health.

My Personal Beliefs and Interests

Most of my life has been spent in the Midwest, growing up in Michigan and most recently living/studying in Chicago. My work is inspired by the knowing that we all have the capacity to heal and live authentically. I believe the connection between physical and emotional health is too often overlooked, and that there are too many people walking around not realizing their own self-worth. I love to read about the science of healing, and to use this information to help people make real and lasting changes in how they feel in their body, mind and soul. It is important for me as a therapist to provide a space of acceptance, and to be honest and open in my way of relating to you. I am a licensed professional counselor and am Board Certified in Neurofeedback. I have completed Level 1 EMDR training and am working towards certification. Please feel free to visit my website for more information about me and my work.

Techniques I Use


  • Biofeedback External link

    I have been practicing neurofeedback (brainwave biofeedback) since 2010 and I am Board Certified. Neurofeedback can elicit profound changes in emotional regulation and cognitive processes. Please check out this video description and demonstration -

  • EMDR External link

    EMDR has shown to be a powerful therapy to reprocess old memories. Shifting the way memories are stored can allow one to live more fully in the present and not be trapped in past emotions and responses.

  • Mindfulness-based External link

    Mindfulness work shifts our focus to the present moment, allowing us to make thoughtful choices rather than simply reacting to what happens. I find that even small amounts of mindfulness practice can be very beneficial for people and I try to incorporate this practice into all the work that I do.

Issues I Treat


  • Anxiety External link

    Let's be curious about the anxiety, let's hear what it is trying to protect you from, and let's free it to live a more fulfilling life. Parts work, EMDR and Neurofeedback all provide a way for the nervous system to get out of fight/flight/freeze mode so that you can live from a calm and balanced body.

  • PTSD External link

    EMDR has been shown to remediate symptoms of PTSD, allowing the client to become free from intrusive thoughts and emotions, organizing the memories in the brain in a healthier way. Neurofeedback is a powerful intervention to regulate the nervous system.

  • Insomnia External link

    Neurofeedback affects the underlying rythyms of the brain, allowing the sleep cycle to normalize. It can also decrease anxiety to allow the client to 'turn off' intrusive thoughts that get in the way of relaxation.

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