Julia Farney

Julia Farney (she/her)

Professional Counselor Associate


Supervisor: Jan Bridgewater, LCSW

|| Collaborative therapist || LGBTQIA+ || Email for scheduling

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Rate: $50-$80

Provides free initial consultation

Practicing Since: 2019


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My Ideal Client

Maybe your life has taken an unstable turn, or maybe you've always found everything a little unsteady. Maybe you're stuck on finding your identity, or voice, or even some sense of purpose in this messy life. Or maybe you find that life continually seems to pound you into the ground. Life is rocky and unpredictable. You & I can work on exploring who you are & what you need to thrive - whether that be transformation or harm reduction. Recovery looks different for everyone, so let's dive into it.

My Approach to Helping

My approach is to create a habitat for growth -- whatever that may look like for you. Therapy with me will look like a collaborative partnership, digging through the stuff that pins you down to create space for you to thrive -- and find yourself -- in a way that feels right. While complete recovery is possible, I also know that it's not so clear cut. With that being said, I bring harm reduction & distress tolerance into the room. My goal is to equip you with the tools & self-awareness that you need to tackle life's hardships and help you develop the radical acceptance to find, love, and trust yourself. We'll create the recipe that will guide you through all the rough stuff. I'll be your #1 fan through the whole process. I have a master's in clinical counseling and am currently a licensed professional counselor associate. Please email for scheduling: juliafarney@gmail.com

My Personal Beliefs and Interests

There is no RIGHT way to do life, even though we are often told the opposite. I believe that we are complex; that life isn't linear; that we are in a constant journey to find ourselves, lose ourselves, then find ourselves again. I believe that we can laugh & cry at the same time, be thankful and feel pain -- two contradictory feelings can exist in the same space. I also believe that piercings, tattoos, and spontaneous travels are valid coping mechanisms -- you know, if that suits you. I am a raging feminist, an active member of the LGBTQ+ community, and an advocate for the Black Lives Matter movement. I enjoy nomadic traveling, hiking, writing, and exploring local coffee shops.

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