Kari Carroll

Kari Carroll (she/them)

Licensed Professional Counselor


Are you struggling to manage low self esteem, relationship difficulties, identity or complex traumas on your own? It's time to deeply heal.

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Rate: $110-$150

Provides free initial consultation

Provides telehealth services

Practicing Since: 2014

Languages: English

Faith: Buddhism


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My Ideal Client

In addition to self esteem, anxiety, relationships and attachment, trauma and identity, I also specialize in working with queer, trans/non-binary, non-monogamous and BIPOC folks with an anti-oppressive and harm reduction lens. I have some reserved slots for BIPOC for $60/session.

My Approach to Helping

Do you seek an inner knowing and contentment, where ease and joy feel possible? Fascinated by the unconscious parts of our brain and body, which contribute to all of the choices we make, I have extensive training to help you access and heal these. Through mindfully tracking your nervous system, we will recognize new and old patterns and their causes, increase self awareness of the parts of you craving to heal, and compassionately offer the validation, choice, self-confidence and balance you crave. I do this using mindful somatic experiential depth, trauma and attachment therapy, slowing down and focusing on the you ready to be seen. Currently accepting daytime clients.

My Approach to Helping

I work as an experiential guide, and integrate a blend of western evidence-based research on attachment theory, the interpersonal neurobiology of trauma and relationship science; and eastern foci of mindfulness, compassion and consciousness. I am uniquely qualified to help individuals and people in relationships beyond simple rote memorization of communication skills, and instead create a safe space for individuals to make choices from and find opportunity for deeper healing in relationship. I have experienced many life changes. At each turning point life did not begin or end, as I had seriously anticipated, but there in the unknown lay a mechanism for a greater knowing. I want to help you find your own balance so that you can grow beyond familiar, complex restraints, and look up to see the radiant, confident light of your own horizon. In your own time. In your own way. First you must believe you are deserving of this, and not alone, and bravely jump into the warm ocean of change.

Issues I Treat


  • Codependency External link

    We often get enmeshed with our partners and others in our lives. It's how humans survive socially. We are totally subconsciously playing out some past patterns when this happens. Let's gain some awareness, have compassion for these parts of yourself trying to get your needs met, and at your own pace help you learn to have independent thinking and feeling that is more grounded in self, which will allow for a healthier and more authentic connectivity between you and the other.

  • Personal Growth External link

    If you want to deepen your relationship with yourself, there's no better place to look than the unconscious! Using mindful somatic experiential depth therapy (aka listening to your body and thoughts/feelings/imagination for hidden meaning), together we will put together a map of the parts of you, and work to heal them at this deeper level and integrate them together into one grounded, authentic, clear self.

  • Self-Esteem External link

    Often we turn inward to blame ourselves to explain why our needs are not getting met. This can lead to chronic shame and self doubt, and continuous self-sabotaging patterns of betrayal that keeps us in that same cycle of self blaming. But it is often masked in perfectionism and high performance. With so much compassion, we unpeel these layers to the root, at your own pace, to help you feel the love and self acceptance you crave and deeply deserve: that you are unequivocally a badass.

  • Women's Issues External link

    In my opinion we all have women's issues. Our society teaches us to prioritize performance, competition and intellectualism over kindness, mutuality, vulnerability and intuition. Often you have been given roles and expectations you did not ask for. I help you balance your divine feminine and masculine, regardless of your current gender, in order to experience both independence and autonomy with interdependence and community. You will learn boundaries, confidence, vulnerability and assertiveness.

  • Relationship / Marriage Issues External link

    I work with individuals to help navigate self in relationship. Depending on which end of the attachment spectrum you are on, we may work on differentiating your own thoughts and feelings from your partner and family of origin, or we may help you lean more toward others without feeling burdened or losing yourself. Once we help you understand what's going on internally, I will help guide you to take action at your own speed through communication and decision making that brings you joy and ease.

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