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I use hypnosis to help people change the unconscious programs that conflict with their conscious efforts to improve their lives and achieve their goals. Each session is customized to the client's specific obstacles and desired results, including useful tools to empower them moving forward.

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I strive to help my clients create their desired changes as easily, enjoyably, and efficiently as possible. My style of hypnosis is more active than passive, involving the imagination in creating transformative experiences, which creates more powerful and robust changes while also making the process more engaging. I frequently teach clients how to work with their own neurology, and give them tools to use on their own that empower them to have more control in the moment, as well as giving them the means to create beneficial change on their own beyond the short time we work together. I love empowering clients by giving them an experiential understanding of the power of their own mind, and their own ability to create change.

I’m trained in the latest in client-centered hypnosis techniques by several incredible teachers, including Mike Mandel in Toronto. I also use other complimentary rapid change processes, including neuro-linguistic programming and EFT, which I integrate into my process. I absolutely love learning, and I’m constantly updating and expanding my knowledge and skills for the benefit of my clients. My life experience includes a variety of creative endeavors, which helps me to be really effective in working with people experiencing issues related to creativity, such as writer’s block, performance anxiety, and strengthening creative skills. My life experiences have also provided the understanding and passion that inform my work with empowering women, helping them to overcome limiting beliefs, increase their sense of self worth, and achieve their personal and professional goals.

Techniques I Use


  • Hypnotherapy External link

    I help you to communicate with your unconscious mind, and to shift the areas where your thought patterns, feelings, and beliefs don't match up with your conscious goals. This process makes profound changes more easily, efficiently, and enjoyably than we typically assume, and gives you greater control over your experience of life.

Issues I Treat


  • Personal Growth External link

    I work with many aspects of personal growth, including: addressing fears that hold you back, transforming limiting beliefs, gaining control over unwanted feelings, and creating more empowering habits and thought patterns.

  • Self-Esteem External link

    Working with hypnosis for self-esteem is very powerful, as it allows you to access the memories, feelings, and beliefs that form your sense of self worth, and bring additional resources and understanding to those moments, and shift your feelings and beliefs towards more empowering ones. I work with this frequently, and have a program both for groups and individuals to increase core confidence.

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