Laura Kosak

Laura Kosak (she/her)

Licensed Marriage Family Therapist


I am dedicated to supporting individuals overcome trauma or childhood wounds, to reconnect with themselves and thrive.

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Rate: $125-$200

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Practicing Since: 2014

Languages: Español


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My Ideal Client

Are you living life on autopilot too much of the time? Are you feeling like you have to just keep moving, getting crap done, because if you stop and let yourself really feel you’ll just collapse into a messy pile of tears? Are you feeling like maybe the trauma is winning at the game of hide and seek that you’ve been playing? I specialize in helping women shift away from the distressing hold of trauma and childhood wounds into a joyful and fulfilling life.

My Approach to Helping

I view some of our biggest challenges as coming from the battles within, when we don’t fully understand ourselves and our motivations and sometimes act in opposition to what we think we want. I use an approach informed by Internal Family Systems (IFS) to illuminate the distress and stuckness my clients face. I am also trained in EMDR and use the approach to help decrease the emotional intensity of challenging memories or beliefs so my clients can intentionally choose their path forward. Please see my website for a lot more information. I look forward to connecting with you. Thank you for reading my profile here. I hope that you find the support you need and I wish you well.

Why I am a Good Fit for You

It can be difficult to start therapy. Unfortunately there are many barriers including continued stigma, finding the time, finding the money, and the daunting task of finding the right therapist for you. While I don’t guarantee that I am the right fit for you or that you 100% will reach your goals, I do guarantee that I respect, appreciate, and treasure each and every one of my clients for their individuality, their courage, and their desire to create a different life for themselves. Many of my clients have expressed appreciation for my warmth and genuineness, and my caring and interested presence. I will rely on my training and experience, my passionate appreciation for the human adventure, as well as my innately understanding nature, to support you in this time in your life to reflect, re-center, and move forward with intention, energy, and a bigger smile.

Issues I Treat


  • PTSD External link

    I believe humans are innately resilient, built to connect and thrive in the face of adversity. Sometimes, our experiences are too overwhelming and our birthright of healing is trapped, inaccessible. There is a way out of living stuck in the shadow of trauma. It isn't easy and may require a team of helpers. The good news is that the team is available to you and there is a way forward.

  • Anxiety External link

    Who of us hasn't experienced anxiety? Maybe overwhelming amounts? Being human inherently involves uncertainty and perhaps a little chaos - which can be anxiety provoking. A little bit of nerves can help energize us to prepare and perform, but too much is, well, too much, and we just freeze. There is a way to befriend that anxious part of yourself, teach it to relax just a little, and live with greater ease.

  • Parenting External link

    The source of our greatest joy and at times our deepest sorrow is rooted in our relationship with others. This is particularly apparent when it comes to our children. We love them with a love we didn’t even know was possible, and sometimes don’t know what the heck to do with them. I am a parent and have worked with children, teens, and families for many years. I’ve seen all sides of the table. I can help you shift things so that there is greater ease and connection in your family.

  • Immigration/Acculturation External link

    I have worked for many years with the Latinx community. I speak Spanish, having lived in Spain for about two years. I appreciate the challenges of life in a new country. Me especializo en ayudar a las mujeres a reconectarse consigo mismas y prosperar. Me dedico a ayudar a las personas a alejarse de la angustia del trauma, la ansiedad o la depresión y moverse hacia una vida más contenta y valiosa.

  • Spirituality External link

    “Those who have a ‘why’ to live, can bear with almost any ‘how’.” - Viktor Frankl. For me personally and professionally, it is imperative that we sit with the big questions of life, and connect with a greater awareness that contains the answers. That Universal Consciousness goes by many names, and it doesn’t matter what we call It. What matters is that find our way to a life of meaning, purpose and connection with the greater whole.

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