Maggie Truelove

Maggie Truelove (she/her)

Somatic Practitioner


I offer a deeply compassionate space for my clients' process through Somatic Experiencing, pleasure/enjoyment coaching and mindfulness.

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Rate: $80-$120

Provides free initial consultation

Practicing Since: 2013

Faith: Agnosticism, Atheism, Buddhism, Taoism


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My Ideal Client

My clients are interested in a somatic and nervous system-based approach to healing. I work with adults from a variety of backgrounds- those who've experienced trauma such as abuse or neglect, who suffer burdens related to marginalization, our often isolating culture, or who simply want to grow! I work with many clients who had to stifle or suppress their assertions, needs and preferences to stay safe through "the fawn response." You can read my writing on "fawn" at

My Background and Approach

Integrating and coming out of chronic stress responses (fight, flight, freeze, and fawn) through a slow-and-steady, connection and enjoyment-based process is my speciality. The modalities I work with are two leaders in the somatic, nervous system regulation and empowerment fields: Somatic Experiencing® and Organic Intelligence®. These modalities support the safe expression and regulation of activation in the nervous system in post-traumatic growth, cultivating capacity for more energy, movement, stability and fluidity in relationship to self, body and environment. In a session together clients and I talk, connect, explore imagery, feelings, sensations, gestures, and at times work with (small, authentic) movement. My professional background is in bodywork, mindfulness, movement and Empowerment Self-Defense. I've worked in a verbal, coaching format as a Somatic Practitioner since 2013 (please note that I am not a psychotherapist or LPC).

My Personal Beliefs and Interests

I believe that the body, through sensation, emotion, imagery, thought, and importantly- connection, has the capacity to heal from major and chronic insult, and that this process is deeply held and aided by cultivating states of pleasure, enjoyment, mindfulness and creativity. Some of my personal interests include time outside and with my people, systems theory, body and weight neutrality, animism, decolonization and indigenous perspectives, the creative process, gardening, conscious partnership and communication, music, dance, hiking and backpacking. For many years I was in ministerial training in a Chan and Nyingma Buddhist tradition, which included meditation and qi gong teacher training. Consciousness, humility and continual learning in regards to positionality and systems of oppression is important to me. You can learn about my rates and schedule a free consultation online through the schedule page of my website. Please reach out if you have any questions!

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