Meredith Noble

Meredith Noble (she/her)

Professional Counselor Associate

MA, Certified Body Trust® Provider

Supervisor: Kelly Prothero, LCSW

I offer my clients a fat-positive, Health At Every Size (HAES)-informed space where they can go deep to truly heal. See my website for more!

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Rate: $125

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Practicing Since: 2022

Languages: English


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My Ideal Client

I tend to attract sensitive souls. Maybe they know they have experienced trauma, or maybe they just have a sense that something's not right and want relief. Sometimes they have tried traditional talk therapy and realized that they didn't feel much different at the end of it. Other times they just have a sense that they're avoiding their feelings and yearn for some kind support as they explore their inner life. Please note: *I currently work only with adults over age 25.*

My Approach to Helping

I believe in inclusive care and liberatory frameworks, and I practice from a fat liberation, Health At Every Size (HAES)-informed lens. My approach is rooted in warmth, kindness, and empathy. I care deeply about my clients and I’m told it shows through my kind eyes, my gentle words, and my keen attentiveness. I want you to feel seen and known. I believe my role as your counselor is to accompany and collaborate. I primarily draw from a type of psychotherapy known as Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy (AEDP), which you can learn more about below.

My Personal Beliefs and Interests

I am a white, cis woman who is "mid-fat" (in the middle of the fatness spectrum), chronically ill, and dynamically disabled (meaning my level of disability changes day-to-day). I am also a Canadian immigrant to the United States. I practice from an intersectional feminist lens and I believe that experiences of oppression and ostracism can be profoundly traumatic. I am fat positive, Health At Every Size®-informed, strive to be anti-racist, and am LGBTQIA2S+ affirming, neurodiversity affirming, sex positive, and kink/poly affirming. I welcome all clients to my practice, whatever their race, ethnicity, religion, size, gender, sexuality, dis/abilities, citizenship, or social class. I obviously can't know everything there is to know about every identity but I come to my work with humility and a keen desire to keep learning how to better support those whose identities and social locations are different than my own.

Techniques I Use


  • Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy (AEDP) External link

    AEDP is my primary approach to therapy. AEDP practitioners believe that trauma happens when a person has to face overwhelming emotions without adequate support. We believe that helping people “undo their aloneness” in supportive, gentle ways can facilitate healing and transformation. AEDP is relational and attachment-focused (uses the relationship of the client and counselor heavily), experiential (focuses on experiences rather than stories/talk therapy), and somatic (uses the body).

  • Feminist External link

    My work is informed by intersectional feminism, social justice, and systems thinking. I help my clients widen their lenses to see the systemic forces and oppression impact their day-to-day lives. With this broader view, self compassion and self understanding can take root, replacing self-blame and shame. As a feminist counselor, I also aim to reduce the hierarchy in our relationship and see us as collaborators who bring different knowledge to our work together.

Issues I Treat


  • Body Image Issues External link

    Body shame tends to impact nearly every corner of our lives—our most intimate relationships, our friendships, our work, our play. Whatever your body size, I’ll introduce you to concepts from Health At Every Size®, Body Trust®, and fat liberation, and help you replace your shame with a kind and trusting relationship with your body. I especially love supporting those in fat bodies, because we face unique challenges in the world (i.e., fatphobia, weight bias, and size-based oppression).

  • Eating Disorder External link

    When we struggle with disordered eating, it tends to take up an immense amount of space in our brain. I want you to be able to free up that space and use it for things that actually matter to you! I specialize in supporting those who are struggling with binge eating (including Binge Eating Disorder) and chronic dieting. I practice uses the lenses of Health At Every Size, fat liberation, and Body Trust®. *I do not currently work with those with anorexia or bulimia, nor those under age 25.*

  • PTSD External link

    My clients are often people who’ve experienced relational traumas (i.e., traumas that happened in the context of relationships, such as neglect and abuse) and/or developmental traumas (i.e., traumas that happened during childhood). These experiences often lead to a type of trauma known as “complex trauma” or “C-PTSD”. Intense shame is often a key feature, as well as having a cruel inner critic, feeling worthless, and experiencing various forms of dissociation.

  • Chronic Pain or Illness External link

    I live with chronic illness and pain from Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. I know the misogyny, disinterest, gaslighting, and fatphobia that occur routinely within the medical system, and the tolls these can take on mental health. I am here to accompany you in your experiences of chronic illness and chronic pain. We can explore the emotional impacts (like grief, anger, sadness), process experiences of disability and ableism, and help you find moments of contentment and joy despite bodily obstacles.

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