Nina Tarabus

Nina Tarabus (she/ her)

Clinical Social Work Associate


BIPOC Therapist with focus around racial based, secondary and inter-generational trauma, postpartum depression, psychedelic integration.

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My Ideal Client

You are a new parent struggling with postpartum anxiety/ depression. You are looking to find a safe space to process your birthing and pregnancy experience. You are interested in integrating psycehedlic experiences into your everyday life. You are a person from the BIPOC community looking to heal from traumas around race, culture, immigration experiences, and religion in a world that has dismissed and whitewashed your lived experiences. You are looking to heal and ready to put in the work.

How I Can Help You

I too have been there, as a mom and a member of the BIPOC community. I understand how crucial to the soul and the heart to be seen and heard authentically. I have extensive experience providing clinical mental health counseling to folx from all walks of life. My training as a healer centers around unpacking both first hand and inter-generational trauma, with a strong emphasis on motherhood, women’s reproductive rights and postpartum depression/ healing. I often speak openly about our potential for growth through community and unconditional support. It is my greatest honor to bear witness to your journey, no matter what stage you are currently at. All services offered are sacred and thus kept confidential. I truly believe that with kindness, acceptance, self-awareness and deep introspection, we are all capable of being our best selves.

My Values as a Therapist

I operate from a de-colonized place of therapy. I believe that all peoples lived experiences are special and deserve to be heard, unpacked and processed. Being a human being is overwhelming and we all have challenges we need assistance in overcoming. I believe that BLM, and that racial healing is essential to our lived experiences. I am pro humanity, pro LGBTQ, pro accountability and justice. As a mother, I have experienced my own horrors with Postpartum depression and it is my hope to hold divine space for all birthing parents who are struggling to find a new way of existence post- birth. Working with those who are new parents/ that struggle with PPD is especially dear to my heart and it is my hope that you will never have to suffer in silence about your parenting experience again. I am very open, honest, tend to use humor when appropriate as a way to break the ice and communicate.

Techniques I Use


  • Cognitive Behavioral (CBT) External link

    I work with clients who experience Anxiety and Depression on actively understanding the root causes of said disorders. In addition we will engage in healing from the origins of trauma that have manifested into depression and anxiety.

Issues I Treat


  • Postpartum External link

    I specialize in working with postpartum parents. This is an area that is dear to my heart as I understand how difficult it can be to recognize what is happening or how to process parenthood.

  • Adoption Issues External link

    I am passionate about working with adoptees, particularly when it comes to challenges in honoring, understanding and celebrating all parts of the cultural self. I operate from a BIPOC, decolonized frame work. In addition I have extensive experience working with folx who suffer from abandonment and inter-generational trauma.

  • Racial Identity External link

    This has been the crux of a majority of my work as I live and work from a decolonized lens. high levels of experience working with BIPOC folx who experience racial, institutional, academic, sexual, and gender based trauma. Particularly competent in working with BIPOC folx who have trauma around being in racially homogenous spaces.

  • Sexual Abuse External link

    I am trained as a trauma specialist with an emphasis on supporting survivors who have a history of Sexual Abuse or Assault as well as those suffering from PTSD. I incorporate spiritual healing models, CBT, guided imagery, psycho-education, exploration of coping patterns, exploration of relationship patterns and psychedlic integration into my work with survivors.

  • Women's Issues External link

    Strong emphasis on working with new mothers, pregnant and postpartum. I am trained in NY state as a postpartum doula and work with womyn mentally, physically and spiritually on overcoming the unique challenges we encounter in our everyday lives through culture, race and society.