Rebecca Macy LPC RYT

Rebecca Macy LPC RYT

Licensed Professional Counselor

Do you feel intimidated by the idea of counseling? It takes courage to seek support & I'm here to make the process as smooth as possible & be on your side when it gets bumpy. Counseling can be a creative & inspiring process- let's work together to create ways for you to feel more balanced & well.

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827 NE Alberta St

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Rate: $75-$125

Provides free initial consultation

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Practicing Since: 2010

Languages: English


  • Individual
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I've found that using an holistic, individualized approach works really well! You are the expert of yourself and it's my role to support you in gaining a deeper understanding of your experience as well as offer tools to help you feel more balanced and well. I meet you where you are at- physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, etc.- and we work together to identify your strengths and what resources may be helpful. I offer to meet you outdoors in a park around town, which offers many benefits- decreases anxiety, increases sense of connection to outside world, provides a more neutral setting to meet in. Of course, if you prefer a more enclosed, private space to meet in, my comfortable office in NE Portland is also available. I like to use a body-centered approach as well as talk-therapy, which means integrating mindfulness and yoga techniques to support you in being more present and connected to yourself. We can talk more about how this may look.

I have a masters degree in counseling psychology from Lewis & Clark College (Portland, OR, 2010), I am a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), and have provided therapeutic support to the local Portland community in various settings: with students at local high schools, with all ages at a community outpatient clinic, with youth at a residential treatment center, and currently with youth and adults through my private practice. In 2013 I completed a 200-hr yoga certification (RYT) during a 10-month journey through Central America. I've experienced so many benefits myself through a regular yoga practice- decrease in anxiety, increase in self-compassion and self-worth, etc.- which is why I love using yoga/intentional movement in my counseling work. I also provide trauma-informed yoga classes that offer a gentle, compassionate way of practicing yoga. When I'm not working, I enjoy hiking with my dog Bandi, cooking delicious food for family & friends, and dancing to good tunes.

Techniques I Use


  • Holistic External link

    Instead of focusing on just your symptoms or what you're struggling with, I find it more useful to look at your whole experience and identify what may be in and out of balance at a given time. We work together, drawing from a variety of strategies, to create a healthier balance for your life, using the resources you have already and figuring out how to tap into other resources you may not know of.

  • Dance / Movement Therapy External link

    We are not just our thoughts, we also experience everything on a physical level. Trauma-informed yoga and intentional movement can tap into your body's natural ability to heal from trauma, anxiety, and depression and to overall embody your experiences to live more fully. I understand it can feel frightening to be present with your body and I work with you at a pace that feels manageable.

  • EcoTherapy External link

    The natural world can be a great (and affordable) resource for healing! I offer to meet people outdoors, which can decrease symptoms of anxiety and depression and help you be more present. Even if we meet indoors I find it useful to discuss your connection to the world around you and identify ways to connect more fully with it.

Issues I Treat


  • Personal Growth External link

    Are you interested in learning more about yourself and creating more connection in your life? You don't need to be experiencing crisis to benefit from counseling. I provide a space for you to gently explore where you are currently at emotional, physically, spiritually, cognitively, relationally and create more balance and connection, aligning more fully with your values. Join me!

  • Child or Adolescent Issues External link

    I remember how difficult it can be to be a teen- confused about who I am and what I want out of my life, feeling pressure from adults to be a certain way, not sure what to do with my intense emotions. Sometimes just talk therapy isn't helpful for teens and I offer a variety of ways to explore their experience and learn how to navigate lifes ups and downs.

  • Self-Esteem External link

    We often take on other people's criticisms of us and use them against ourselves, over and over again. I support you with becoming aware of patterns of self-abuse and offer ways to create a more compassionate way to relate to yourself.

  • Anxiety External link

    Anxiety can feel overwhelming and take away your ability to experience joy and freedom. Many times anxiety is a result of trauma (ongoing or specific event) that you've survived, but your body remains stuck in feeling threatened. Anxiety is not just in your head- it's important to be able to build a sense of safety in your body, and we can do this together at a pace you are comfortable with.

  • Depression External link

    Do you feel like you have no energy to live how you want to? Depression is not a lack of motivation, it's usually a result of feeling stuck in a situation or a lack of resources to process a challenging experience. You also don't need to be alone in your pain. We can explore your experience together and find ways for you to physically and emotionally regain the energy to be your best self.

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