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Simon Yugler (he/him)

Professional Counselor Associate


Supervisor: Dr. Robert Stuckey, Ph.D, J.A.

I help my clients navigate the liminal wilds of the Soul through psychedelic integration, depth psychology, & Internal Family Systems (IFS).

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My Ideal Client

Ideally, you have already taken a few steps down the path of self-growth, whether through prior therapy, meditation, psychedelics, nature-based work, and want to do deep work together from the start.

What I Specialize In

I specialize in psychedelic and integration therapy, and have extensive experience and training in psilocybin and ketamine-assisted psychotherapy. I have facilitated nearly 500 hours of legal psychedelic sessions with people from a vast variety of backgrounds through my work with MycoMeditations, one of the world's leading psilocybin retreats, and am trained in ketamine-assisted psychotherapy through Polaris Insight Center. I am also a psychedelic educator, and work with Inner Trek and Alma Institute-two OHA-approved Psilocybin Facilitator Training programs based in Oregon. My approach to all of my work is grounded in the tradition of depth and Jungian psychology, orienting towards the archetypal world and the transpersonal dimensions that altered states of consciousness can put us in contact with and from where we can find profound level of healing and growth. I also specialize in working with men and masculinity, relationships, finding your life purpose, depression, and anxiety.

My Personal Beliefs and Interests

Whether spending time with indigenous communities in Australia and Peru, guiding students on educational adventures abroad, or living on my own in the developing world, much of my life has been a journey of self discovery. I am profoundly grateful for these life experiences and how they changed me. I was led to become a psychotherapist while engaged in an immersive study of traditional plant medicine in the Peruvian Amazon. At a young age I was interested in Jungian psychology and spiritual practices. The rich body work of what is now called the “mythopoetic men’s movement” inspired me to deepen my study of archetypes, masculinity, and initiation, which laid the foundation for approach to psychology. Prior to becoming a psychotherapist I worked with National Geographic Student Expeditions and Carpe Diem Education as an experiential educator and guide, leading groups of young adults across 10 countries.

Techniques I Use


  • Transpersonal External link

    Radical change can require radical action. I have extensive training and hands-on experience helping my clients navigate and integrate transpersonal, altered states of consciousness. Emerging research is confirming that transpersonal experiences have immense potential to heal when facilitated in the right set and setting. I have studied, written, and taught extensively about psychedelic integration, and have hundreds of hours of offering this to a wide variety of clients from around the world.

  • Internal Family Systems (IFS) External link

    IFS is a non-pathologizing form of therapy and embraces the many "parts" of us as natural facets of the psyche - aspects of ourselves which long to be known, understood, and healed. IFS is also a fantastic tool for psychedelic integration, as psychedelic experiences can often unlock or reveal unfamiliar, challenging, or empowering parts of us. Read my full article on IFS and Psychedelics, featured on Psychedelics Today:

  • Depth Therapy External link

    Founded by Carl Jung, depth psychology understands that our individual psyches are informed by collective, archetypal elements. Our problems, issues, and fears are often rooted in the unconscious, or what Jung called our shadow. Instead of simply changing unwanted behaviors, depth psychology helps us address the root cause. Depth psychology can help you navigate the turbulent waters of life by framing your life and struggles in the context of the greater web of human experiences throughout time.

Issues I Treat


  • Spirituality External link

    Psychedelic medicines can open us to areas of our psyche which we had previously not faced- often called our "shadow." Based on years of academic research, traditional training, and personal experience, I specialize in clients working with psychedelics to discovery deeper parts of themselves and grow into more complete, healed human beings. However, I do not currently offer psychedelic-assisted therapy in the US at this time. Please do not contact me about obtaining psychedelic medicines.

  • Men's Issues External link

    My approach to working with men draws from my training in Jungian and depth psychology, and what is now called the "mythopoetic" men's movement. I integrate masculine archetypes and mythology to help you chart your inner landscape. I also incorporate Internal Family Systems to help uncover and integrate the wounded or reactive “parts” of you that may be the source of your problems. This work extends to all sexual orientations and male-identified people.

  • Personal Growth External link

    There’s a good chance that you’ve found your way here because something in your life feels off. Maybe you feel a deep lack of purpose and meaning, or that you haven’t been able to find your true calling yet. Perhaps you’re struggling with communicating and connecting with your partner. Or, you don’t have a partner at all, and want to figure out who you need to become to find the right one.

  • Anxiety External link

    Each unique person requires their own unique therapy. I won’t try to slot you into a theory or category, or try and “fix” you. Instead, I work through building our relationship, listening for the deeper meaning in what you have to say, and learning about who you really are. Using both depth psychology and Internal Family System, I work to heal the root of your problems, not just the surface issue.

  • Depression External link

    Our sadness, issues, and fears are often rooted in the unconscious, or what Jung called our 'shadow'. Depth psychology can help you navigate the turbulent waters of life by framing your life and struggles in the context of the greater web of human experience. This is often done through working with dreams, archetypes, and transformative life experiences such as initiation and rites of passage.

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