Tatum Marcus

Tatum Marcus

Licensed Marriage Family Therapist

You are your own highest teacher. We can connect and process together, but we will always keep that in mind as our guiding star.

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My Ideal Client

I can be a good match for people who like to question things and think outside of the box. I love brainstorming about all the possibilities and ways to unfold situations. All the choices that are possible. I love collaborating to see the truth of a situation, holding the idea that the "truth sets us free."

My Background and Approach

My background is in acupuncture, yoga, and body-based medicine. I have always been interested in holistic ways of thinking and the mind-body-spirit connection. I also have a background as a visionary painter; so poetic, symbolic ways of seeing the world and talking about the world are an option in our work together. We can always work on art together to tune into the felt-sense truth of a situation. We can work with words and story to play with perspectives. Or we can look at situations archetypally, bringing in big-picture thinking.

Why I Became a Therapist

I became interested in acupuncture as a way to connect beyond the story of what’s going on, and relate to others on a non-verbal level. I was hoping to relate at a fundamental energetic level, beyond words. As my acupuncture practice unfolded, I found that stories about life actually can’t be bypassed. (Plot twist!) We really do need to understand and make sense of what is happening in our lives through story. I enjoy continually learning about ways that people can work with story to get to a sense of truth about a situation. Finding the vibration of truth has always been a meaningful exploration for me, whether through story, psychology, acupuncture, art, or energy work. The form changes over the years, but the essence stays the same.

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