Tori Morrison

Tori Morrison (she/they)

Marriage and Family Therapist Associate

M.A., Marriage & Family Therapist Associate

I aim to help you access new ways of understanding your story and connecting to yourself by bringing awareness to your emotional experience

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Rate: $100-$155

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Languages: English


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My Ideal Client

I work primarily with individuals, couples, and other relationship systems who are hoping to heal past trauma, explore gender or sexuality, work through sexual difficulties, process emotional, relational, or sexual wounding, or connect more deeply to their authentic selves. I enjoy working with those who may be new to therapy and unsure where to start as well as those who have been in therapy for years and are in need of something new.

My Background

I hold an M.A. in Marriage, Couple, & Family Therapy with a specialization in Sex Therapy from Lewis & Clark College in Portland, OR as well as a certificate degree in sexual health education from the City College of San Francisco. My clinical experience has primarily involved working with queer, trans, and other LGBTQIA+ individuals and relationships as well as cis/straight individuals and relationships within the contexts of trauma, anxiety, depression, gender & sexuality, identity exploration & expansion, and relationship issues. I have special training in sex therapy and relationship counseling and I appreciate the complex interconnections we have with our sexualities. My academic and clinical training is rooted in social justice theory and I bring with me a continued commitment to learning antiracism and to building my awareness of how my identity joins me in the therapy room. I am body- and sex-positive & LGBTQIA+ affirming.

My Values as a Therapist

As a marriage, couple, and family therapist, I think about individuals, families, and relationships as interconnected with each other and with a larger social context. I believe that we are all products of our experiences and we may need to work through the ways that we learned about the world and about ourselves in order to find self-acceptance. This might look like deconstructing narratives related to race, gender, size, sexuality, or ability, or processing inherited scripts from your family of origin or society. I aim to create a space with you that allows for honest and authentic self-discovery.

Issues I Treat


  • PTSD External link
  • LGBTQ Issues External link

    I have special training in gender & sexuality as well as queer & trans care and have primarily worked with queer or trans clients here in Portland.

  • Sexual Problems External link

    In my graduate program, I completed a specialty tract in sex therapy and appreciate the complex relations humans have with our sexualities. Whether you're struggling with desire issues, sexual trauma recovery, sexual anxiety, mismatched libidos, curiosity & expansion, or any of the countless other ways sexual problems can show up, I hope to create a non-judgemental and informed space for you to heal.

  • Relationship / Marriage Issues External link

    As a marriage, couple, and family therapist, I believe relationships are central to our experience of the world. I also believe that we often aren't given the relational tools we need in order to thrive in all relationships. Relationship counseling can be a transformative experience that provides new ways of connecting to yourself and to your partner(s). I typically utilize emotionally focused therapy and experiential therapy when working with couples and relationships.

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