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Will Howell (he/him)

Licensed Professional Counselor


Hi! I'll meet you where you are through the lens of compassion, curiosity and authenticity. What are you bringing into our space?

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My Ideal Client

I'm LGBTQ+ affirming and enjoy working with young adults and adults. My clients might experience: addiction, panic, worry, codependency, perfectionism, depression, impulsivity, interpersonal conflict, avoidance, attachment wounds, people pleasing, shame, trauma, loneliness, trouble relaxing, life adjustments, limiting core beliefs, mood swings. Client needs/goals might include: attunement, decreasing stress, learning to ground with awareness, building insight, coping and communication skills.

My Approach to Helping

It seems we often desire a sense of secure connection while also living in line with our authentic self. My therapeutic style is integrative and relational based, emphasizing mind-body work and self-compassion. Attunement and compassionate inquiry can help heal suffering. We can't change what happened, but we can change our perspective and meaning we give our experience. I meet my clients where they are, using co-regulation, mindfulness, meditation, parts work and breath work while helping to heal one's relationship with themselves and their environment. My clients often increase awareness, develop a healthy sense of self, and expand their ability to tolerate distress, witnessing parts of oneself with curiosity, courage and clarity...learning to navigate life through the present moment. I might ask: How do you know when you feel safe, seen or heard? What are your unmet needs or do you perhaps have conflicting needs? What allows you to soften a bit? What are you afraid to say or do?

Why I Became a Therapist

A version of a wounded healer rings true in my background and experience. I’ve lost meaning and found meaning, learned, unlearned, and relearned. Addiction has played a role in my life, a specialization I bring to my practice as a licensed professional counselor and certified complex trauma professional. Being in long term recovery, I believe it's important to not just explore why the addiction, but why the pain. I’ve re-evaluated my goals and values, trying to live in line with my best self and be mindful when old coping mechanisms arise that no longer serve me. My lived experience helps me better understand clients’ suffering while using compassionate inquiry in a collaborative manner. I'm grateful to take part in vulnerable human connection and hold a safe space for others while witnessing their truths...observing clients build trust, confidence, calmness, connection and move from surviving to thriving.

Issues I Treat


  • Drug Dependence / Abuse / Addiction External link

    People wouldn't enter recovery if it weren't possible. I find it validating to explore not just why the addiction but why the pain. How do substances serve you? What do they do for you that you can't seem to do for yourself? What do you feel like you need to do but might not want to? My approach is personalized based on client needs, whether harm reduction or complete sobriety. I draw from a variety of coping skills and resources, emphasizing mindfulness and what's underneath one's addiction.

  • Anxiety External link

    How does your anxiety speak? What's the threat? Where do you notice tension in your body or do you perhaps feel disconnected from your body? We'll develop intentional awareness skills, getting in touch with your nervous system and applying somatic exercises, parts work and mindful based techniques to investigate thoughts, beliefs, feelings, sensations and urges. We can build on a sense of safety, and take a closer look at what you might be experiencing while also finding relief from suffering.

  • PTSD External link

    At your pace, we'll utilize mindfulness, parts work and somatic-based interventions to help expand your window of tolerance. While emphasizing co-regulation, we’ll explore what feels unacceptable, become in tune with your mind-body connection, and investigate old coping patterns that no longer serve you. There is wisdom and connection to gain when we listen to our pain through the lens of love and curiosity, allowing old protective mechanisms to step back and new beliefs to blossom.

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