Xan Scott

Xan Scott (she/her)

Professional Counselor Associate

Supervisor: Emily Brems, LMFT

Feeling overwhelmed? Going through a major life transition? I am here to help and listen to your needs.

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10580 SW McDonald St

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Rate: $125

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Practicing Since: 2023

Languages: English


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My Ideal Client

If you are dealing with a major life transition it can feel overwhelming and burdensome to your loved ones. Let me be a support and listen to your needs. At different stages in life we can be caught in the middle of parenting both our children and are elders. Or maybe you yourself has a diagnosis and need some extra emotional support. I am here for you and will attune to the pace that you need to take on your healing journey.

My Approach to Helping

I believe therapy can be a very creative and energizing experience that allows an exploration of the self that gets put on the back burner. When we are facing difficulties and desire change it can be overwhelming as to where to start. I have many years working with families going through illness, divorce, and various difficulties. Breaking down into manageable steps we will work together at a pace that you set to unlock your full potential to heal. I am told I have a natural enthusiasm and a genuine curiosity for discovering what is needed to prioritize your needs.

My Personal Beliefs and Interests

I am a firm believer in treating the whole person. I have a yoga practice and believe in both east and west medical modalities. I few decades ago became aware of just how sensitive I am to the food that I eat, the amount of sleep I get, and whether or not I am physically active. Anything that inspires me to create and express is a plus! I love spending time at my sweethearts urban farm where we have chickens, fresh produce, and explore how to grow food and share with the community. Counseling is a natural extension of this creative expression of health and happiness that I hope is felt experience of my desire to find balance.

Issues I Treat


  • Anxiety External link

    I personally live with anxiety and have learned it is a daily practice to manage. Through my yoga practice, mindful techniques, and staying on track with my health plan I have become more aware of my body signals. Almost like a check engine light going off in your car through tools we can read our signals and figure out how to reduce the tension and worried thoughts. Some of us are naturally anxious even around common daily routines and learning to figure out what we need to live with more ease.

  • Body Image Issues External link

    We are bombarded daily with images telling us how our bodies "should" look. It is a trillion dollar industry built around this "fix it" messaging. Do you ever find yourself scrolling endlessly on social media and naturally start to compare? It can be an overwhelming experience and can create feelings of low self-worth and we might not even be aware we are doing it! Learning to love and celebrate our bodies is key. It is a step by step process that together we can build trust and learn how to do.

  • Depression External link

    "We need hope like we need air." Brené Brown, LLC. Depression can be a result of a life transition or can feel like a low level state of being since you can remember. Which ever type you are experiencing I am a source of hope and truly believe you can change. It is easy to be critical and wonder what is wrong with me but I am focused on what happened to you so parts of ourselves that we have maybe felt shame around can be brought to light and released.

  • Family Caregiving External link

    I have personal and professional experience as an in-home caregiver. Whether you are caring for chronic illness yourself or caring for both elders and youths at the same time let's connect. Finding small ways to replenish and nurture yourself first provides the abundant energy to care for our loved ones. Simply providing a space to vent frustrations and perceived limitations outside of family and friends is a big beginning step. I am here for you.

  • Loss or Grief External link

    After caring for 3 senior clients at the end of their life and then being the primary caregiver for my own mother who passed 8 years ago, I know grief. Everyone's experience is so unique and unpredictable. It may feel hard to enjoy life for various reasons of guilt and shame. Loss can also be from a significant relationship ending and the feeling of not being able to give the love you still feel towards them. I am here to help track your patterns and navigate the ups and downs of this time.

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