Contemplative therapy combines traditional Western therapeutic practices with the principles and philosophies of Buddhism. Contemplative therapy seeks to help individuals work through problematic issues and identify ways to make positive changes, while also encouraging acceptance. Like other types of mindfulness-based therapy, contemplative therapy is designed to help a client’s attention focus on the present moment and achieve clarity. A therapist practicing contemplative therapy will take a warm and compassionate approach, inspiring the client to use their natural wisdom.

Local Experts in Contemplative

I earned my Masters in Contemplative Psychotherapy from Naropa University, a view of healing based in combining Buddhist philosophy and Western psychology. In a space of warmth and connection, we will pay close attention to whatever arises in the moment. Together we will use your own wisdom and strengths to help you experience your whole, authentic, brilliant self.

Since 2000, I have been practicing Buddhist and Christian forms of meditation and mindfulness and teaching meditation since 2008. As a chaplain and minister, I bring spiritual reflection and compassion to the work I do, always honoring your beliefs and traditions.

Contemplative Psychotherapy is a Buddhist oriented approach that requires the therapist (Me) to engage in their own meditation and psychotherapy to remain clear and compassionate. I can then create a healing space for us to look at the different pieces of your life in a mindfully compassionate way.

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