Historical Trauma

The trauma of experiences such as war, slavery, or genocide are shared by entire communities and can have lasting and damaging effects that effect entire families and generations.  Practitioners call this concept historical trauma. A mental health professional specializing in historical trauma will specifically focus on facilitating your journey to understanding your historical trauma and its influence on your life.

Local Experts in Historical Trauma

Also known as Ancestral, Racialized, Epigenetic or Inherited Trauma Using a hybrid of ancient and modern practices, this pervasive and often ignored set of traumas can be healed.

I help clients heal from adverse past emotional, physical, and sexual experiences using trauma resourcing and mindfulness-based, somatic counseling. Working slowly to create collaboration, safety, and resiliency, past traumatic events are processed in mindfulness, reworking the past experience in safety.

If you have unresolved trauma from your past it is definitely going to impact and complicate your current state. We will work together to safely explore your past trauma and shift the way it\'s stored in the subconscious mind so that you can have a different relationship to those experiences, thereby creating a better experience of the present and future.

Sometimes in our lives we get surrounded by systems that are supposed to offer us a place of safety, protection and growth become the opposite of these traits. These systems can be organized around family, our beliefs or just general social network. Often we don’t recognize the results of these systems, but instead find ourselves stuck, anxious, unable move forward.

I specialize in helping others recognize the impact of generational experiences that lead to us experiencing traumatic situations.

If you have historical trauma that continues to haunt you and you would like to work through it. Art therapy and energy medicine can be very helpful in addressing and releasing historical trauma. I work with my clients to create a safe space and give them tools so that we can address old traumas in a kind and gentle way that respects your body, mind and spirit.

Oftentimes hypnosis is a wonderful technique for resolving historical trauma. Usually there is some messaging that is asking for an audience, and under hypnosis this kind of information can come forward. Once heard, the trauma typically fades into it\'s rightful place on the timeline of life, having shared it\'s wisdom.

My practice is trauma-informed and I use an existential-integrative model and techniques along with EMDR to help individuals be seen and held in their trauma experiences and process those experiences.

Trauma can be like the roots of a large tree. People usually only see what\'s above the surface, but those roots can grow deep and cause some big problems if we don\'t manage it. Therapy can help you learn more about your roots and discover resources to manage them better, helping you feel more in control of your life.

I keep on the lookout for repetitive patterns of behavior clients have dealt with in life that are providing short term benefits and long term or heavy consequences. I help clients float back and discover earlier memories where similar feelings or dilemmas were involved. When identified we can use mindfulness & insight to effect change or do EMDR to clear old stored emotions and limiting beliefs.

Exposure to trauma changes the way our mindbody functions. It tends to exacerbate our fight-or-flight responses, changes our thought patterns, dreams, and makes us more prone to be on the lookout for danger, which can be exhausting. I am here to meet you wherever you are at. I work to teach self-soothing tactics, provide nutritional counseling, and mindfulness therapies to heal historical trauma.

I have extensive experience working with various traumas (from sexual assault, military-related, to mental and other forms of abuse), and have completed related trainings. I will soon be certified in EMDR for treating complicated trauma.

I am continually educating myself on the cutting-edge research showing the impact of historical and generational trauma on the mental health of individuals. As an ethnically Jewish person, I also have personal experience with historical trauma that informs my therapy practice.

I specialize in working with adults who were abused as children (all types of abuse).

This can also be identified as “complex trauma” which is my primary focus of work and the area where I have the most training in and success with.

As an historian myself, I am interesting in helping people resolve the burdens they carry from their family and cultural histories. I also provide Past Life Regression to address trauma carried over from past lives.

It\'s rare to find someone not affected by historical trauma, though few recognize it as such. It could be a grandparent\'s death or alcoholism - something that directly affected a parent\'s view of the world, which then gets passed to you. It may be a cumulative wounding, or strategies and beliefs passed through generations, either implicitly or explicitly.

Working with Veterans, and persons with recent trauma history reduce symptoms and increase quality of life.\nFocus: CBT, Exposure therapy and EMDR

I am the child of an immigrant and have lineage from colonized lands, and have personally experienced the manifestations of historical trauma. Historical trauma was also a topic frequently explored during my Masters program, and within many of my community organizing engagements. As a spirit worker, the legacy of historical trauma comes up often with clients as we work toward energetic healing.

Patterns of response to our current environment and relationships can be adversely impacted by early traumatic experiences . A more expansive and joyful life is possible when there is some understanding and resolution to this historical trauma.

At my internship, I was trained in Control Mastery Theory (CMT), which hypothesizes that self destructive behaviors are related negative pathogenic beliefs that have evolved from historic trauma.

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