Racial Identity

Race and ethnicity play an important role in our lives, informing how we see ourselves and the world. Our racial identity can be shaped by multiple factors and is not always predictable, static or easily interpreted. A mental health professional specializing in racial identity will specifically focus on facilitating your journey to understanding your racial identity and its influence on your life.

Local Experts in Racial Identity

I've researched and published on how racial, ethnic, and cultural identity affects the lived psychological and emotional experiences of people. This work has been proven invaluable to me in therapy with clients who seek to explore and understand themselves as racialized beings. Race and culture is something I actively unpack in sessions to understand its impact on each unique client.

Dominant discourses of racial hierarchy influence our lives in subtle and insidious ways. I am sensitive to the impacts of these realities and will help you come to terms with the impact of internalized racism on your sense of self.

For many of us, struggling to find out place in the world can be difficult, especially when that place is impacted by our own racial identity. I help my client explore the thought, beliefs and emotions that uniquely impacted people of color.

Racial Identity is rooted in having a healthy, vibrant relationships to one's own blood ancestors, all the way back through time. My method is a safe, effective protocol for healing racialized and ancestral trauma and coming into a felt sense of belonging and transforming ancestral burdens into blessings. As a mixed-race poc I bring extensive personal experience to this territory.

My children, adopted through foster care, are African American. Supporting their racial identity and providing the experiences, awareness and connections they need to thrive as African American people is a very significant part of parenting children who are racially/ethnically different from you. I can help you navigate this very important part of your child\'s identity.

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