Sand Tray

Sand tray therapy is a type of play therapy that uses a sand tray to help people, both children and adults, to communicate and express themselves. A therapist who specializes in sand tray therapy will be equipped with a tray filled with sand and, often, a large collection of small things (like toys or figurines) that can be arranged in the sand. The client is encouraged to organize the sand tray however they want, positioning objects or simply creating patterns in the sand. Sand tray therapy provides a safe space for individuals to act out their fantasies and express their feelings and thoughts, without having to rely on words.

Local Experts in Sand Tray

I offer Sandplay Therapy in the spirit of Swiss psychoanalysts Carl Jung and Dora Kalff. As a multidimensional tool, Sandplay facilitates meaning-making through vivid construction of an imaginal world using archetypal symbols and materials. Sandplay can help a client heal old wounds and access the deepest layers of consciousness.

Sand Tray therapy can be an expressive way to explore your world and your connection to it. Sometimes simply using words in therapy can not effectively communicate what we need to as deeply as expressive modalities can. I use sand tray as a primary intervention, or as a valuable supplement to other interventions, with both adolescents and adults.

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