Sensorimotor therapy is a gentle, body-centered therapeutic practice developed by Pat Ogden. Often used to treat clients suffering from the effects of trauma, abuse, or emotional pain, sensorimotor therapy draws from somatic therapy and Hakomi therapy as well as cognitive behavior therapy. Therapists who specialize in sensorimotor therapy help clients to use mindfulness to identify the physical ways their bodies react when reflecting on a trauma. By identifying these physical patterns, clients can begin to create resources within themselves to overcome fears and develop a stronger sense of safety.

Local Experts in Sensorimotor

Trauma is a common issue in today\'s world, where events that threaten our life or our sense of self are met with a quick-fix culture that overlooks the body\'s natural healing capacity. In this approach to healing, I work with you to develop body awareness and allow your body\'s impulse toward completing the interrupted fight/flight response at the root of so many symptoms associated with trauma.

A trauma treatment based in somatics, cognition, emotion, memory and 5 sense perception. Helpful at treating single event trauma or relational attachment trauma.

The body holds within it wisdom and possibility. Sensori-motor weaves mindfulness based practices with a body-centered approach which facilitates the natural healing and integration of the body-mind-heart. It is a therapeutic way to deeper connect and empower the body-mind to resolve and renew the unhelpful patterned responses/defenses stored from trauma and other experiences over time.

I am certified at Level 1, am in continuing consultation for this modality and anticipate starting Level 2 training in 2018. Sensorimotor Psychotherapy (originated by Pat Ogden, has its roots in Hakomi and incorporates neuroscience).

This is my specific Somatic (body) approach that helps clients be more attuned to sensations in their bodies and what they mean. Did you know that all emotions we \'feel\' - by definition - begin as body sensations?

My sensorimotor training has been through Pat Ogden using her Hakomi method of body centered therapy. My focus is on trauma recovery utilizing experiential methods to integrate the healing in the body, mind and heart.

Traditional psychotherapy often neglects the wisdom and experience of the body. Sensorimotor Psychotherapy is a collaborative model that combines traditional talk therapy with somatic experiential techniques. It has been shown effective for problems arising from a history of abuse and trauma.

I am an advanced student of Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, a body-centered approach to trauma and attachment repair. I am certified as Level 1 practitioner, and am currently completing Level 2. Clients report that this method mixes quite well with more traditional talk therapy approaches and works deeply to resolve long held emotional response patterns.

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