Veterans/Military Service

Active duty and military veterans sometimes face unique challenges. Post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, alcohol abuse and other mental health concerns may present themselves long after military service has ended. Therapists who specialize in working with veterans will help to empower their clients and encourage them to combat their issues and live a full and meaningful life.

Local Experts in Veterans/Military Service

I am a Returning Veteran\'s Service Provider, and have been trained in Post 9-11/deployment issues for active and retired military. Deployments can be extremely difficult on intimate relationships. I am here to help you rebuild.

I did my chaplain residency at the Portland Veteran\'s Hospital where I learned not only about PTSD, but also about war and military culture. Since then, I have taken continuing education courses on working with veterans, including on military sexual trauam. A number of the patients at the addiction\'s unit where I worked were veterans. I volunteer with the Returning Veteran\'s Project.

I am both pleased and proud to have had the opportunity to work with military veterans at VA hospitals in OR, NY, and CA. I have experience providing psychotherapy to veterans from all eras of service (Vietnam, Gulf War, OIF/OEF/OND). I am familiar with the challenges of combat exposure and of re-integrating into civilian society. I am happy to serve those seeking care outside the VA setting.

Having served as a Marine I recognize that having served can bring special challenges for coming back to civilian life. It can be a challenge not having the same support from like minded folks. From trying to find a new career, dealing with mental wellness issues, and feeling left behind can be hard to deal with. I have been there and can help.

As a veteran myself I am familiar with the lifestyle of a soldier. I have awareness of the expectations and limitations put upon our men and women that serve in the military. Eight years of experience working (in a massage therapy capacity) with veterans returning from war has offered me an awareness of the issues they are faced with during reintegration into their own home.

As a Veteran myself who has used counseling, psychology, and a spiritual orientation to navigate the emotional residue of service, I feel I can definitely be of assistance to others who wish to explore these means of healing and growth.

As a verteran, I am acutely aware of the issues that military members face.

I have been in the military and understand military culture. I have counseled veterans.

My past experience includes working at the Portland VA. Through this experience, along with my Military family, I have gained the knowledge to assist Veterans and their families in the unique culture of the Military. As a specialist, I will help to empower you to combat your issues and develop strong relationships; giving you tools to assist in living a healthy and productive life.

I honor our military members and their families! I know that when a parent serves our country, their family serves too! My father served in the Navy and my brother served in the Army. I am a Military Family Life Counselor with both MHN and Magellan.

Serving returning veterans and their families outside the VA.

I have had the enormous privilege of working with veterans and their families for 15 years. Although I am not a vet myself, I have learned a great deal about military culture and the ongoing impact of military service. As veterans have expanding choices for receiving treatment in the public sector, I hope to provide another resource for the support and treatment they have earned.

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