Anne Sinkey, MSW

Clinical Social Work Associate

By acknowledging our wisdom, practicing self-compassion, and exploring new ways of relating to our experiences, we can create personal change that impacts our relationships and communities.


  • Individual Therapy
  • Individual Therapy

My Approach

Humans are amazingly creative, adaptive creatures. But sometimes the ways we've coped and survived--the stories we tell ourselves, the relationships we create, the behaviors that get us through the day--no longer work for us. Therapy offers a place for us to explore, imagine and practice new ways of thinking, feeling, and being in the world. Strategies from mindfulness, cognitive-behavioral, and narrative approaches to therapy can be helpful as we do this work together, depending on your unique history and situation. My job is to work in partnership with you, to listen to and reflect your wisdom, and to support you in creating the life and relationships that you want and deserve. I'm aware of how culture and society both enable and limit our choices in life: often, our "problems" are the result of oppression or powerlessness, not the fault of our own personal failings. In this way, political resistance starts with us practicing new ways of being in the world.

My Background

I have a Master's in Social Work from Portland State University and a PhD from the Graduate Institute of Liberal Arts at Emory University. I became a social worker after several years in higher education and museums, where my research and teaching focused on feminist and queer social movements, political theory, and racial equity. I love social work and am consistently humbled by the courage, creativity and resilience of the clients with whom I work. I have worked with activists, artists, students, academics, homeless and formerly-homeless clients, immigrants and refugees, survivors of trauma and assault, LGBTQ and non-binary clients, and individuals in non-monogamous/poly relationships. I try to create a body-positive, anti-oppressive environment where we can explore issues such as anxiety, depression, body/sexual shame, gender/sexual identity, chronic illness or disability, disordered eating, addiction, or a general desire for more meaning and connection in life.


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  • 3430 SE Belmont St
    Portland, OR 97214

At a Glance

  • Neighborhood: Belmont
  • Rate: $75-75/session

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