Kelsey McMurray

Professional Counselor Intern

To engage in therapy is an act of liberation, and I'm here to aid you in liberating yourself.


  • Individual Therapy
  • Individual Therapy

My Approach

I work from an anti-oppression, Narrative Therapy approach aimed at deconstructing and questioning the forces that work to harm, isolate, and silence us. My practice is rooted in the belief that deeper healing is possible when we pay attention to the stories we believe about ourselves and our place in the world. These internal and interpersonal stories have been forged through our relationships, our values, our fears, our beliefs, and the influence of social oppression and/or privilege throughout our lives. By fully identifying what forces have been controlling our narrative, we then have the power to make room for the many other stories of our lives that were once hidden. Such work can be transformational for how we experience ourselves and the world.

My Background

Having trained with the Vancouver School of Narrative Therapy, I am deeply curious about your story. My intention is to be a co-explorer with you as we investigate what has been interrupting how you know yourself. I hold space for your identities, experiences, relationships, and interactions with social oppression and/or privilege in order to understand your uniquely complex life story.


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  • 1135 SE Salmon St
    Portland, OR 97214

At a Glance

  • Experience: 3 Year(s) of Practice
  • Neighborhood: Buckman
  • Rate: $60-90/session
  • Free Initial Consultation

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