Tatiana Morris

Licensed Professional Counselor Intern

Does your life looks good and people think you should be happy and satisfied, but you do not feel this way? Does your life feels tasteless and bland? I will help you figure out what is really going on for you. There is a reason for your discontent, and I will help you bring joy back into your life.


  • Individual Therapy
  • Couples Therapy
  • Individual Therapy
  • Couples Therapy

My Approach

Are you feeling that you have everything people say should make you happy, and it does not? Do you feel confused because your life looks like a great success, and it does not bring you joy or sense of meaning? I can help you to figure things out. My work is in creating a safe space for you where you can go as deep into yourself as you need. Don’t worry, I can gently hold anything you bring. I have a very strict non-judgement policy, so we will look into things you want to explore without any judgement and criticism. It is often important to find out where the problem comes from, and I will be glad to explore it with you. I will not ask you to talk about things you do not feel comfortable talking about unless it is absolutely necessary for your healing. In this case, you will choose the time. I may challenge you to look into things differently than you have looked at them before because it may open up space for healing and growth.

My Background

I believe that all people need understanding and acceptance without judgement and criticism. Our difficulties in life often stem from lack of love and acceptance of who we truly are. Our feelings are the signal system that informs us if anything goes wrong. Very often body speaks about psychological problems, and physical illness affects the mood and emotions. I tend to look at the processes people go through in a symbolic, metaphorical way allowing to see seemingly insignificant things from a different perspective. I believe that everything happens in people's lives for a reason, and life events can affect us on different levels starting from physical, continuing by emotional and finishing by spiritual. Therefore, I like to combine Eastern philosophy and Western science that look very differently at human experiences and approach suffering in distinct ways. If you want to know, how I can help, visit my website or send me an email. I look forward to working with you!

Insurance Plans Accepted

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    Portland, OR 97221
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At a Glance

  • Experience: 3 Year(s) of Practice
  • Neighborhood: Southwest
  • Rate: $100-150/session
  • Free Initial Consultation

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