Dance / Movement Therapy

Dance-movement therapy (DMT) is a therapeutic practice that uses movement and dance as a way to approach physical, emotional or social issues. Founded on the belief that there is a strong correlation between movement and emotion, therapists practicing DMT use the expressive nature of dance to observe, analyze and evaluate the client. DMT can help to improve a wide range of issues including stress, self-esteem and body image and can be especially helpful for individual’s with developmental or communication problems.

Local Experts in Dance / Movement Therapy

We are not just our thoughts, we also experience everything on a physical level. Trauma-informed yoga and intentional movement can tap into your body\'s natural ability to heal from trauma, anxiety, and depression and to overall embody your experiences to live more fully. I understand it can feel frightening to be present with your body and I work with you at a pace that feels manageable.

The first therapy space ever was a dirt dance floor. I am a Registered Dance/Movement Therapist and I’m here to help you move through whatever currently hurts. Your body has a lot to say, but it can’t use words like your mind. Instead movement, breath and sensation guide your truth. Dance therapy offers a safe place for your body to express and heal all it’s been through. Every Body is welcome.

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