Caroline Kinsley

Caroline Kinsley (she/her)

Licensed Professional Counselor Intern

LPC intern, R-DMT

Supervisor: Kristen Genzano, LPC & Mariah LeFeber, MA, LPC, BC-DMT

Lets explore verbal and nonverbal forms of communication as a support for your psychological, physical, spiritual & relational well-being.

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5300 SE Foster Road

Portland , 97206

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Rate: $120

Provides free initial consultation

Provides telehealth services

Practicing Since: 2018

Languages: English

Faith: Christianity, Interfaith, Multifaith


  • Individual
  • Group
  • Child
  • Teen

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My Ideal Client

Do you find it difficult to communicate what you are experiencing only in words? Have you ever felt at a loss to fully express yourself? How do you process your experience? Are you experiencing new feelings, sensations, and thoughts that may feel foreign to you? Dance/movement therapy emphasizes ways in which you can explore, express, and strengthen your relationship with your mind and body. It encourages the question how do they inform and support one another throughout the healing process?

My Background and Approach

I approach the work from an eclectic framework. I pull from dance/movement therapy, counseling, relational-cultural theory, humanistic, strength-based, trauma-informed theory, mindfulness-based practices, multicultural competencies, cognitive, and behavioral theory. We do not have one way of solving a problem, and neither will my approach. I always integrate creativity into my work. I believe creativity is the most attainable form of problem-solving we are innately gifted. It is essential to acknowledge that there may be roadblocks in the way to your creative thinking. We will explore ways to access creativity once your basic needs are met. I'm a registered LPC intern in Oregon & a dance/movement therapist. I received my MA at Drexel University in Dance/movement Therapy & Counseling; prior, I received a BA in Dance and BA in Psychology at the University of Montana. I grew up in New York and fell in love with West during undergrad and am grateful my heart and body have settled here.

My Personal Beliefs and Interests

As a dance/movement therapist and counselor, I collaborate with you to support a safe environment where you feel accepted, seen and celebrated. I value the need to respect and honor cultural experiences around movement and invite that into space as needed. I believe that movement is not your strength. We will explore how you can feel comfortable. The way I do this is by approaching the work with non-judgment and strengths-focused. Let's look at what you do have instead of what you are missing. I believe and am interested in supporting you to become the fullest version of yourself. So that you can safely, confidently, lovingly, and authentically experience your life.

Techniques I Use


  • Dance / Movement Therapy External link

    A dance/movement therapist can approach therapy by incorporating the mind-body connection into the whole journey. Exploration includes how the mind and body influence one another. In dance/movement therapy, you can access the healing journey by focusing on how the mind can support your body. Your movement can support your mind. I hold a master's degree from an American Dance Therapy Association approved program at Drexel University. I am a registered Dance/movement therapist.

  • Mindfulness-based External link

    Bringing a mindfulness based perspective to therapy allows the therapeutic space to be one of awareness without judgement. Allowing the work to be an authentic journey exploring the challenges, patterns, relationships, and connection with oneself, others, and their environment. I have written and experienced mindfulness based practices in movement, meditation, and research both professional and personally.

  • Humanistic  External link

    I believe we are all motivated towards growth and wellbeing. There are often road blocks in the way that we encounter that prevent us from getting there. As a humanistic focused counselor I believe in focusing on what is there instead of what is missing. With that supporting you on your path in collaboration with your goals, beliefs, and values. I was trained from a humanistic approach and continue to learn and grow from this perspective as well.

  • Feminist External link

    Women internalize unhelpful social messages, expectations, and traditions that can affect her overall well-being. The experience of being a woman is unique, dynamic, and layered. Allowing time to process, bring awareness to, and feel what it means to be a woman is empowering and essential. Women are mothers, daughters, aunts, friends, spouses, leaders, and followers in a historically repressed way. To change these messages, expectations, and traditions, it starts with a safe space.

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